Attirer Editorial Policy

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Upholding Excellence in Web3 Journalism: Our Commitment to Quality and Integrity

At Attirer, our dedicated editorial team meticulously reviews all press releases and articles prior to publication. We strive for excellence in reporting on the dynamic world of Web3, covering Crypto, Blockchain, Fintech, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, AI, and NFTs. Should any issues arise with your submission, we'll be in touch.

Press Release Submission Guidelines

For inquiries or concerns regarding our editorial standards, contact us at

Content Guidelines

  • Newsworthiness: Your press release must spotlight newsworthy content or announcements. For expert tips, refer to our Attirer Press Release Writing Guide.
  • Relevance: Content must align with Web3 and related industries. If your niche varies, demonstrate its relevance to our focus areas.
  • Accuracy and Authenticity: We value factual, accurate, and unique content. Avoid speculative, opinion-based statements or any form of copyrighted material.
  • Permissions: If mentioning another entity, secure authorization from an authorized representative.

Format Guidelines

  • Length and Structure: Press releases should be concise, up to 1000 words, including all sections.
  • Headlines and Images: Craft a clear headline and include up to 3 images (starting with the cover image).
  • Backlinks and Contacts: Include up to 5 functional backlinks and provide the press contact of the issuing entity.

Style Guidelines

  • Clarity and Objectivity: Use clear, concise language. Avoid subjective language, superlatives, and non-standard formatting. Quotes should be clearly attributed.

Cover Image Guidelines

  • Dimensions and Aspect Ratio: The ideal size is 1336 × 890 pixels (16:9 ratio). For social sharing, a 1:1 aspect ratio image is recommended.
  • Formats: We accept .jpg, .png, or .webp formats.

Prohibited Content: Ensuring Ethical Reporting

Certain content types are not permissible on Attirer, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Services & Investment Advice
  • Casinos and Online Gambling
  • Pornography or Sexually Explicit Content
  • Intent to Harm or Discriminatory Content
  • Illegal Material
  • Online Pharmaceuticals and Health Supplements
  • Scams, Easy Money Schemes, and Unethical SEO Practices

Our Editorial Rights and Responsibilities

The Attirer editorial team reserves the final say in publication decisions. We may edit releases to maintain the integrity of our service. However, we do not assume responsibility for the content's legitimacy or claims.

Accountability in Publishing

In cases of malpractice or policy breaches, the submitting entity will bear full responsibility for the content of Attirer and its partner publications.