Singapore, 14 June 2024 — Bitcoin Impact showcases another BTC-focused event that fosters discussions about all aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain-building solutions. Held on June 22 at the Sofitel Sentosa Singapore, this Bitcoin Impact installment highlights unleashing liquidity on the Bitcoin network.

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technologies, Bitcoin Impact provides the platform to delve into the most groundbreaking innovations in the Bitcoin and blockchain spaces. Their June 22nd event will explore the technologies that currently unlock the full potential of the Bitcoin network’s liquidity.

With keynotes and panels from projects such as ICP, Lightning Ventures, WGPX, Bitlayer, HTX, Coinsilium, AlphaGrow, LayerTwo Labs, and Ordzaar, Bitcoin Impact aims to delve deeper into groundbreaking innovations and newest economic models for the most up-to-date industry insights.

Taking the Bitcoin Network to its Next Level

At its core, liquidity denotes the ease with which assets can be bought or sold without significantly impacting their price. For Bitcoin, enhancing liquidity fosters an environment where users can seamlessly transact, exchange, and purchase with minimal friction.

Building assets on Bitcoin via instruments such as BRC-20 tokens, Ordinals, and Runes represents a significant step forward in expanding the utility and versatility of the Bitcoin network. These asset-building initiatives leverage Bitcoin's underlying blockchain infrastructure to create digital assets that can represent a wide range of real-world or digital assets.

Another avenue of exploration involves technological innovations such as the Lightning Network and Layer-2 on Bitcoin. These scaling solutions enable faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions by facilitating off-chain micropayments. By alleviating congestion on the main blockchain, the Lightning Network and Layer-2 enhance liquidity by enabling swift and cost-effective transfers, encouraging more active participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Presented by Native Capital, ICP, and WGPX

This Bitcoin Impact installment is presented by Native Capital, Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), and Web3 GP (WGPX).

Presented by Native Capital, ICP, and WGPX

Native Capital is a venture-building firm dedicated to catalyzing the growth of early-stage blockchain startups. With a keen focus on nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurship within the blockchain space, Native Capital identifies promising projects and provides them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding to go to market.

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), is a blockchain based on threshold cryptography, state machine replication, and a novel consensus algorithm. Carefully designed to give smart contracts near-native performance and scalability, it also maintains the security of decentralized execution.

WGPX (Web3 GP) launched in 2024 as a supercar sim racing game that leverages Play-to-Earn GameFi technology. Sim Racers earn $WGPX inscriptions representing in-game assets as rewards for completing in-game achievements. Fresh off their Hong Kong stop (Bitcoin Asia, Ordinals Asia, Forked etc.) WGPX welcomes event guests to experience the full sim racing experience driving the McLaren P1 on the Daytona Track Circuit:

The Bitcoin Impact event is backed by other industry partners, including Web3 PR agency yourPRstrategist (YPRS), Bitcoin security-equivalent Layer-2 BitlayerOther industry partners support the Bitcoin Impact event, including Web3 PR agency yourPRstrategist (YPRS), Bitcoin security-equivalent Layer-2 Bitlayer, and AI algorithmic trading firm AlphaGrow.

A proud partner of the Bitcoin Impact series, yourPRstrategist is pleased to present a discounted code for the community: PROMO30

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