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Blocksquare, creator of the world’s top blockchain-based tokenization platform for the real estate industry, announced that its native governance token BST (Blocksquare Token) will be available to trade on the BitMart crypto exchange platform from January 24. 

The listing is a major milestone that promises to kickstart Blocksquare’s vision of powering hundreds of real estate tokenization platforms across the globe, connecting investors to dozens of real estate opportunities in their region. The BST token is a key element of Oceanpoint.fi, a decentralized finance platform built by Blocksquare that forms an open-end DAO that’s designed to own a potentially unlimited pool of real estate assets anyone can invest in, without legal restrictions. 

Blocksquare is the creator of an ironclad infrastructure platform for real estate tokenization that combines regulatory compliance with uncompromising security. It’s on a mission to reshape the concept of property ownership by tokenizing real estate, using blockchain technology to pave the way for fractional ownership, where anyone can invest in the hottest properties in their local markets. By bringing tokenization to the real estate industry, Blocksquare will boost accessibility and liquidity in what has traditionally always been one of the world’s most exclusive and highly illiquid marketplaces. 

Using Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization protocol, entrepreneurs now have a way to start digitizing real estate assets at minimal cost, while the company’s white-label platform provides the fastest way for anyone to create an investment marketplace. 

Oceanpoint.fi is an integral part of Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization ecosystem, acting as a bridge that enables real estate owners to gain exposure to decentralized financial markets. With its user-friendly interface and a range of features, Oceanpoint facilitates purchasing and staking real estate tokens. The primary goal of Oceanpoint.fi is to incentivize participation in the Blocksquare ecosystem and grow its total value locked (TVL) by increasing liquidity within the tokenized real estate market.

As the native governance and utility token that forms the basis of Oceanpoint’s ecosystem, BST is expected to be in big demand. When investors stake BST via Oceanpoint, they’ll receive Staked BST (sBST), which can be used by the Blocksquare community to vote on Oceanpoint governance matters. To obtain sBST, BST holders must first deposit and stake their tokens on Oceanpoint’s Governance Pool, where they can passively accumulate more BST tokens as the protocol expands.

Denis Petrovcic - Co-founder & CEO at Blocksquare, said

“We look forward to this collaboration to further expand our supportive community. Since 2017, we’ve had a strong conviction that tokenized real estate will one day become mainstream. Thousands of marketplaces will facilitate billions of real estate value to be transacted amongst millions of users and Blocksquare’s operating system has to date successfully brought $80M worth of real assets on-chain across 19 different countries.” 

The listing of BST on BitMart is expected to pave the way for thousands of new investors to participate in the nascent real estate tokenization market, boosting value for all stakeholders. BitMart is a leading global digital asset trading platform that counts over 2 million users globally. Ranked as one of the world’s top cryptocurrency trading venues in terms of both user count and trading volume, it will add support for BST/USDT from January 24, significantly enhancing the visibility of Blocksquare’s ecosystem. 

BST’s listing on BitMart comes after Blocksquare successfully executed the world’s first notarized tokenization of a real estate property last year. As a proof of concept, it acquired and tokenized a single parking space in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, before registering it with Slovenia’s national land registry. The achievement marked a revolutionary step forward in the global real estate industry, unlocking greater access to a tokenization market that’s forecast to grow to more than $16 trillion by 2030, according to a recent report by the Boston Consulting Group. 

About Blocksquare

Blocksquare is an award-winning company developing the world’s leading blockchain-based real estate tokenization system. Headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU), Blocksquare has developed a state-of-the-art system in close co-operation with Medius – the leading provider of enterprise software solutions in the CEE region.

Blocksquare’s vision is to power 100s of platforms across the globe, connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their region. With its real estate tokenization protocol, anyone can start digitizing real estate assets at a fraction of the cost, while its white-label platform provides the quickest way to launch an online marketplace. More recently, Blocksquare expanded its operations into the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) with Oceanpoint – a new layer on top of their established tokenization infrastructure to create borderless access to real estate financing for anyone with an internet connection.

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