The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, offering users innovative ways to harness the power of their digital assets. That is why Guarda Wallet is excited about the solution that bridges the gap between the crypto and traditional financial worlds: Prepaid Visa Crypto Cards.

Prepaid Visa Crypto Cards are available to users in select European countries and can be issued as a virtual or a physical card in the Guarda Wallet mobile app.

Effortless Crypto-to-Fiat Transactions

With this card, users can effortlessly convert cryptocurrencies at an exchange rate of 2.5%. It also allows Guarda Prepaid Visa cardholders to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide with low fees, just like a conventional debit or credit card.

Guarda plans to launch 1% cashback on all crypto card purchases in May.

Ease of Use & Flexibility

Guarda Wallet's Prepaid Visa Crypto Cards have unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. Users can simply load the card with cryptocurrency from their Guarda Wallet and are ready to make transactions wherever Visa is accepted. The maximum monthly spend is €9000. This means that users can utilize their digital assets for everyday purchases, whether shopping online, dining out, or even paying bills.

Wide Range of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Guarda Wallet is renowned for its extensive support of cryptocurrencies, and the Prepaid Visa Cards are no exception. Users can load cards with popular digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, FIRO, XDC, and TRX. This broad support empowers users to manage and spend their digital assets with the utmost convenience.

Security & Privacy

At Guarda Wallet, security and privacy are taken seriously. Prepaid Visa Crypto Cards have advanced security features to ensure the safety of users' funds. Additionally, users will benefit from the same privacy and anonymity they've come to expect from Guarda Wallet.


Guarda Wallet's Prepaid Visa Crypto Cards is a solution that empowers crypto enthusiasts to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency in a tangible, real-world manner. With seamless crypto-to-fiat transactions, ease of use, and extensive cryptocurrency support, users can now enjoy the best of both worlds - traditional finance and cryptocurrency - all in one card. Get your Guarda Wallet Prepaid Visa Crypto Card today and unlock the full potential of your digital assets!

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Marketing Manager
Rina Dyom
Guarda Wallet