Starting October 23, 2022, Cruzo has opened Whitelist registration for their exclusive NFT pass to access Collectors Club — a community of people inspired by NFT art expressed in emotions and the opportunity to make unique gifts to loved ones.

Cruzo is the first Web3 marketing platform and NFT marketplace where you can create, buy and sell NFT greeting cards, and share crypto gifts and party goods in Metaverse. Postcards you will find in Cruzo will bring joy to your friends and family, evoke pleasant emotions, and be remembered for a long time.

In total, Cruzo will release a collection of 500 utility-enabled NFT Passes, and the opportunity to get the first 200 passes will open on November 1, 2022, on the website The price for the first round will be just 0.5 ETH. There will be 4 rounds; with each round, the price will increase, and the number of passes available will decrease.

The Cruzo NFT Pass is the first step required to join the private club, unlocking access to exclusive benefits for its holder.

All club members will have the following benefits: early access to ecosystem products and limited edition NFTs; access to exclusive airdrops & giveaways; limited edition NFTs, access to exclusive merchandise, access to a special private chat for NFT pass holders, DAO membership and more.

If you wish, you can always resell postcards, receiving additional benefits from the second market. And if you are the author of such postcards, then Cruzo is the best place to express yourself, reveal your creative potential, and make great money in a sought-after field.

To get on the list, you need to follow Cruzo on Twitter, retweet the NFT Pass post, join Cruzo on Discord, join Cruzo on Telegram, and register for Whitelist.