Welcome to the dazzling world of Korea Blockchain Week, where innovators and dreamers converge to redefine the future! In the heart of this Web3 tech fiesta, we snagged an exciting chat with Alexis Sirkia, the charismatic CEO of Yellow Capital and the brain behind the revolutionary Yellow Group. Buckle up as we dive into their world of crypto magic and Web3 wonders!

Yellow Group: A Kaleidoscope of Innovation

"Think of Yellow Group as your ultimate guide in the Web3 universe. We're the wizards behind Yellow Network, a digital playground where traders and brokers join forces without any roadblocks. And then there's Yellow Capital, our powerhouse venture capital and crypto market-making firm. We're not just about mastering crypto liquidity; we're your backstage pass to the big leagues of crypto trading.

Dive into Openware, our secret weapon for those looking to enter digital asset trading. And don't forget Yellow Software, our crew of tech maestros turning dreams into digital reality. Plus, we've got Yellow Coworking, a vibrant crypto nomad hub in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where blockchain buffs unite.

And hold your breath… Yellow Exchange is on the horizon, set to revolutionize crypto trading with a splash of knowledge sharing and top-notch trading tools!"

Yellow Network: Breaking Chains and Taking Names

"What sets Yellow Network apart? Imagine a world where trading is as smooth as butter, without an intermediary. That's us! We're creating a network of brokerages, making trading faster, smoother, and way cooler. Thanks to the cutting-edge state channel technology, we're all about real-time deals and massive cross-chain trading without the hassle.

So, in a nutshell, Yellow Network is your ticket to a trading experience like never before, with security and privacy at its core."

Partnerships: Stronger Together

"We've joined forces with the crème de la crème of crypto exchanges, DeFi projects, and tech titans. Why? To make Yellow Network the go-to place for all, ensuring we have the best tech and plenty of liquidity to keep things running like a well-oiled machine."

Yellow Capital & Yellow Network: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

"Think of Yellow Capital as the Robin to our Batman. They provide us with the strategic smarts and the market liquidity we need to soar. Whether it's helping us grow or ensuring our tokens are trading like hotcakes, Yellow Capital is our secret sauce to success."

Yellow Capital's Current Playground

"We're all about supporting crypto projects from start to finish. From investing in startups to being the market-making maestros for token issuers, we've got it all. With a wealth of experience, we're here to ensure your crypto journey is nothing short of epic!"

Strategizing for Success

"At Yellow Capital, we're the dream makers. We're constantly tweaking our strategies to ensure we're always at the top of our game, bringing dreams to life in the crypto space. Our new market-making model? It's a game changer, and the market can't get enough of it!"

Choosing Your Crypto Sidekick: Market Makers Edition

"Looking for a crypto market maker? Go for experience, liquidity, and transparency. Make sure they can roll with the punches and keep your project safe. And don't forget, effective communication is key! If in doubt, give Yellow Capital a shout. We're here to help your project shine!"

The Future is Yellow

Yellow Group is on a mission to lead the charge in innovation and tech, especially in Web3 and crypto trading. Along with our sister companies, we're creating a future filled with endless possibilities and groundbreaking innovations. The future is bright, and it's definitely Yellow!

About Yellow Capital

Yellow Capital is a leading venture capital and crypto market making company focused on supporting crypto projects. From inception to becoming a top-ranked token, Yellow Capital's primary goal is to propel the growth and success of Web3 startup projects throughout their journey.

Yellow Group enables revolutionary Web3 and Blockchain startups with seed investments, advisory, mentorship, software solutions, organic market growth,  STOs, token economics, marketing, fundraising, and global listing. Yellow is Blockchain.

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