January 19, 2024, Dubai, UAE, VAP Group

Grand Hyatt Dubai is all set to host the highly anticipated Global AI Show on 16-17 April, 2024. VAP Group manages the event - a premier blockchain and AI consulting brand is set to gather prominent figures from the Middle East's AI, ML and RPA arenas. The show aims to bring together influential AI leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from across the globe for a dynamic and engaging experience in the cutting-edge world of AI, ML, and RPA.

The GCC region, backed by forward-thinking governments, rapidly adopts AI technology. With businesses and governments investing heavily, the region stands at the AI forefront. While optimism surrounds the GCC's AI market growth, Vishal Parmar, the CEO of VAP Group, believes there is a need to address gaps in knowledge and implementation strategies in the field of AI, and where else but Dubai would be the perfect place to initiate this digital transformation?

For what can serve as a powerful technological enabler for the UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, the country could harness all the innovation narratives around future cutting-edge technologies from top experts to make this vision a reality.

AI Tech Rapidly Developing and Transforming the World

Artificial intelligence technology rapidly advances and influences various industries, from big data to robotics. Popular tools like ChatGPT are gaining attention. According to Builin, about 44% of companies plan significant AI investments. AI's transformative impact on the world is clear: it will stay and transform.

Recognizing this potential and the existing gap, Global AI Show - Dubai aims to bridge these industry divides. With government support favoring AI development, the show is the next step in the region's commitment to technological advancement. The event offers a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking by bringing together top-tier speakers, experts, and innovators. Through panel discussions, keynote sessions, and interactive workshops, attendees can gain insights into the latest AI trends, best practices, and strategies to harness AI's full potential in the GCC and beyond.

In what is going to be one of the biggest, grandest, and most flamboyant AI festivals for avid tech enthusiasts and the best interest of The UAE- governments, enterprises, sports, investors, researchers, academicians, policymakers, startups, and solution providers, the 2-day comprehensive innovation festival will aim to gather over 7000 Attendees, 300 Speakers, and 3000 companies in all to usher UAE towards producing world-class AI applications in areas of national interest.

Global AI Show will showcase real-world industry use cases, adoption challenges, and AI's legal and regulatory landscape in the Middle East through a comprehensive blend of panel discussions, keynotes, tech talks, power networking sessions, and much more.

With the help of top technology experts who have helped conceptualize and craft the agenda, effective conference sessions design, and cutting-edge content, the show will draw industry experts who will give their insights on the potential impact of AI in industries like airlines, telecom, BFSI, and insurance to name a few.

The event is organized by the globally present VAP Group, a leading AI and blockchain consulting company that has been an expert in the field for over ten years. VAP Group has created this special platform for different AI businesses. The event will dive deeply into AI, bringing together new ideas, knowledge, and growth in this changing tech field.

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About Global AI Show

VAP Group is thrilled to unveil the Global AI Show, an electrifying convergence of pioneering minds and cutting-edge advancements in Artificial Intelligence. This groundbreaking event is poised to set new benchmarks, fuel innovation, and redefine the trajectory of AI on a global scale. Mark your calendars for 16th -17th April 2024 to experience the convergence of industry titans, trailblazing startups, and forward-thinking experts at Grand Hyatt, Dubai. From illuminating keynote presentations to riveting panel discussions and hands-on workshops, the Global AI Show, curated by VAP Group, will immerse attendees in the forefront of AI's transformative potential. This is not just a conference; it's a catalyst for change. With a spotlight on breakthrough technologies, disruptive concepts, and actionable insights, the Global AI Show is a testament to VAP Group's commitment to shaping the future of AI.

Don't miss your chance to be part of history in the making. Secure your spot today and join us at the forefront of the AI revolution!

To book tickets: https://www.globalaishow.com/tickets/

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