Vespia, an Estonian pioneer in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) space, is excited to unveil a powerful trifecta of AI-driven solutions that fundamentally transform the fight against financial fraud and money laundering. The product suite comprises Julia AI - a highly intelligent AML Compliance Officer; Vespia Tx - an insightful AI Transaction Monitoring system; and Vespia KYBx - an efficient AI business verification and risk assessment tool. This technology promises to reshape the financial industry by safeguarding against unlawful financial activities.

Navigating the continuously shifting regulatory landscape presents a significant challenge for today's financial institutions. "It's an era of relentless regulatory evolution. Institutions must expend considerable time and resources to adapt their systems and perform routine risk assessments - a process that remains vulnerable to human error," observes Anton Vedešin, Co-founder and CTO at Vespia. "Our AI-infused solutions are designed to address these complexities directly, automating the critical tasks, enhancing process efficiency, and dramatically mitigating error risks."

Compliance process optimization for financial institutions: Deploying Julia AI for rapid AML compliance and risk mitigation

Julia AI, our AI AML Compliance Officer, provides a comprehensive view of a company, pinpointing potential risks, recommending next steps, and guiding institutions on their journey towards complete AML compliance. Julia AI boasts the capability to analyze over 1600 data points, reducing decision-making time from weeks to mere seconds.

The Vespia Tx AI Transaction Monitoring system provides real-time surveillance, expert pattern recognition, and exhaustive reporting. Upon detecting a suspicious transaction, the institution is immediately alerted and can swiftly respond.

Our Vespia KYBx solution simplifies and accelerates the business customer verification and onboarding process while delivering a complete picture of risk. This tool automates complex assessments, generates intuitive risk reports, and enables institutions to onboard business customers 90% faster than traditional methods.

The automation of the business KYC process

Discussing the future of AI in AML and banking, Anton Vedešin shares, "Banks face numerous challenges today, from regulatory compliance to intense manual labor and risk management. Our AI solutions provide a potent advantage – real-time risk identification. This equips businesses to swiftly counter threats. Furthermore, our technology reduces manual labor, enhancing accuracy and streamlining transaction monitoring. Our AI-powered solutions are purpose-built to address these pain points, ensuring seamless compliance and enhanced efficiency."

Vespia is excited to extend an invitation to potential test users to experience these AI solutions first-hand. If you want to explore how these AI tools can transform your operations, sign up for a demo at

With the launch of these innovative solutions, Vespia is not just imagining the future of AML compliance but actively constructing it. The company's commitment to leveraging the power of AI for a more efficient, accurate, and future-ready financial industry is evident in these offerings.

About Vespia

Vespia, founded in 2021 by Julia Ront and Anton Vedešin, is a trailblazing RegTech startup from Estonia. The company is devoted to helping businesses maintain compliance with anti-money laundering regulations on a 24/7 basis. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, Vespia offers efficient business customer onboarding and verification solutions, thereby simplifying trust-building between companies. To learn more about Vespia and its innovative AI-powered services, visit