inabit, a leading provider of direct custody solutions over blockchain for financial and commerce purposes, Attirer unveils insights from an exclusive interview with Or Toledano, Vice President of Business Development. In this conversation, Toledano shares innovative approaches and advanced features driving unparalleled security and efficiency in managing digital assets across multiple chains.

Enhanced Security Through Technology

Or Toledano emphasizes inabit's commitment to robust security measures through cutting-edge technologies and user-centric features. The platform prioritizes security and efficiency by employing state-of-the-art security technologies, implementing end-to-end encryption, and deploying multiple security layers across all connections and products.

"Our platform integrates innovative security measures, ensuring users' digital assets remain protected from threats and unauthorized access. This dedication to exceeding industry standards underscores our commitment to user safety and asset integrity," expressed Or Toledano.
inabit platform offers a crystal-clear understanding of crypto portfolio, regardless of the originating wallet

Confidential Computing: A Shield for User Assets

To safeguard users' digital assets, inabit employs confidential computing, encrypting the entire process of handling private keys. This true end-to-end encryption ensures keys remain confidential within a protected enclave, accessible only to the user.

"Confidential computing acts as a secure vault, encrypting private keys throughout their lifecycle, ensuring absolute security and privacy. Not even our team members have access, ensuring users retain complete control," detailed Or Toledano.

Empowering Governance and Compliance

Inabit's emphasis on governance and control extends to empowering users with autonomy over transactional processes within wallets and exchanges. The platform provides extensive flexibility through policy tools, ensuring meticulous control over digital asset operations.

"Our streamlined approach integrates sophisticated policy engines, enabling precise management of signatory rights and governance. This reinforces confidence in asset management processes while supporting compliance requirements," noted Or Toledano.

Inabit's commitment to regulatory compliance is demonstrated through tools like the KYT (Know Your Transaction), empowering users to make informed decisions on fund sources and destinations. This comprehensive compliance solution assists users in navigating complex regulatory requirements effectively.

Seamless Connectivity and Comprehensive Overview

Or Toledano highlighted inabit's intuitive design, offering a unified dashboard for simplified asset management. The platform ensures seamless connectivity to major exchanges, providing users with a centralized space to access various exchanges and review asset balances effortlessly.

"Creating a user-friendly interface was pivotal. Our commitment to simplicity enables users of all backgrounds to navigate the platform while staying updated with the latest integrations and accurate information about their holdings," emphasized Or Toledano.
Manage crypto assets with utmost simplicity with inabit

Distinctive Offerings in the Market

In a market often fragmented with partial solutions, inabit stands out with its all-in-one approach. Or Toledano highlights the platform's secure true direct custody solution, robust governance layers, and integrated swap and on/off-ramp services as key differentiators.

"Our holistic platform caters to businesses' comprehensive needs, offering a unified solution for financial management, setting a new benchmark in the industry," added Or Toledano.

Shaping the Future of Digital Asset Management

Or Toledano envisions significant evolution in digital asset management, emphasizing inabit's pivotal role in driving adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments. Upcoming developments include AI-driven treasury and exposure management, along with a smart contract marketplace.

"Incorporating advanced financial technologies and empowering users with automated transactions marks our commitment to shaping the evolving landscape of digital asset management," highlighted Or Toledano.

Adapting to Evolving Challenges

In the face of emerging cyber threats and evolving regulatory landscapes, inabit remains steadfast in maintaining security standards and adapting to change. The platform invests in the latest technologies and ongoing research to safeguard users' digital assets against new threats.

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inabit is a leading provider of direct custody solutions over blockchain, redefining digital asset management with innovative features and a comprehensive approach that prioritizes security, compliance, and user control.

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