Yellow, a Blockchain product and infrastructure company, and Moonrock Capital, a blockchain advisory and investment company,  are pleased to announce a strategic investment partnership to ensure the success of the Yellow Network project.

Yellow Network is a new generation of Financial Information Exchange (FIE) Network allowing direct P2P trading between any blockchains and exchange brokerages, aiming to interconnect the blockchain industry and solve the crypto liquidity fragmentation problem with proven traditional finance strategies.

Moonrock Capital is actively working with the projects they are investing in via their industry expertise and business network to accelerate the success of the respective startups.

We are convinced that DeFi is a crucial building block of the future of finance and trading via blockchain technology. We strongly believe that Yellow will be a big part [of Web3 Finance] with their Retail Finance approach in the future of DeFi. Hence, Moonrock Capital is glad to be part of this funding round and we will do whatever we can to help Yellow be successful. - Simon Dedic, CEO & Partner at Moonrock Capital.

About Yellow

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions.

In addition, Yellow provides a set of developer tools, services, and education programs to crypto brokerage businesses worldwide.

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About Moonrock Capital

Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Partnership Company. Moonrock Capital firmly believes that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will drastically change the way industries and markets operate on a global scale. They are dedicated to helping young startups, and more established projects accelerate their growth and thrive in this industry.

Moonrock Capital develops unique growth strategies focused on the key aspects of blockchain business by leveraging key relationships and their experience in the Fintech industry.

The core executives of Moonrock Capital have a wealth of experience from different backgrounds, including crypto-economic research, digital media, advertising, marketing, banking, project management, and venture capital.

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