PokerLook is a new NFT project to bring an NFT utility to the next level. PokerLook features a limited collection of 20,000 Avatars with over 500 unique traits.

The 20,000 PokerLook NFT Avatars are all unique, generated by AI with variations like skin type, skin tone, expressions, eyes, noses, hairstyles, augmentations, masks, male, female and more.

All PokerLook NFT Avatars act as a license to play PokerLook poker games, grant access to the NFT staking pool for passive income, and NFT lending feature.

PokerLook also features an amazing referral program available directly on their website. The referral system is very simple to use. After you connect your wallet to the website, you can copy your unique referral URL and share it with others. You earn 10% profit from any invited person that mints PokerLook NFT Avatars through your referral URL and gets that payment directly to your wallet after the mint is confirmed.

PokerLook also released limited edition VIP Membership Cards (NFTs), which give special benefits to VIP holders such as access to a VIP-only channel on Discord, early poker game access, random raffles, rewards, and NFT drops.

Use cases for owners of PokerLook NFT Avatars

  1. Play to Earn – By owning PokerLook NFT Avatar, you gain access to play PokerLook poker games at which you can earn a good income regularly. There will be more information released about the game later on.
  2. Stake to Earn – After the NFT staking pool is launched, PokerLook NFT Avatar holders/owners can stake their PokerLook Avatars and earn daily passive income. The more NFTs they stake, the more they earn.
  3. Lend to Earn – PokerLook will release the NFT lending option near full mint. This means that users that don't own PokerLook NFT Avatars can borrow them from holders to play the PokerLook poker games by paying directly for a specific timeframe.
  4. Usage of PokerLook NFT Avatars as digital identity across social networks and metaverses.

Important facts on the PokerLook NFT project

  • Only 20.000 PokerLook NFT Avatars exist, and they are the only licenses to play the PokerLook poker game.
  • PokerLook NFT Avatar holders can participate in a $10.000 giveaway every 1000 mints.
  • PokerLook NFT Avatars have over 500 unique traits.
  • Huge utility that adds great value to PokerLook NFT Avatars.
  • Three unique earning options your PokerLook NFT Avatar can make you profit from.

About PokerLook

PokerLook was created with passion for gaming, NFTs and earn ecosystem to provide owners the best possible revenue options and a great investment opportunity.

PokerLook team comprises 9+ team members with world-class expertise in blockchain, UI/UX designs, character designs, marketing, and community management.

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