Singapore, Singapore, December 19th, 2023, Chainwire

RepubliK, a leading SocialFi platform, is excited to announce its landmark partnership with The Open Network (TON), signaling a major stride in its mission to bridge the Web2 and Web3 worlds. This strategic alliance, set to begin in Q2 2024, is poised to revolutionize the user experience by providing a seamless and efficient platform for token transactions, addressing key challenges faced by Web2 users in the Web3 domain.

This collaboration is central to RepubliK’s user-centric approach, which is focused on providing an intuitive experience akin to mainstream social media apps. Registration is simplified through email or Single Sign-On options like Gmail or Facebook. The platform’s UI/UX and content interaction functions are intentionally designed to resonate with users familiar with platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Adding to the engagement factor, RepubliK has integrated a gamified XP system with various badge tiers, rewarding user participation and contribution.

RepubliK's strategy includes a selective centralization in certain areas, such as its AI-driven content delivery system. This decision stems from feedback by early Web2 creators, prioritizing a streamlined user experience over full decentralization.

Additional key features of RepubliK include:

  • The option for users to pay gas fees in RPK tokens, makes transactions more accessible for those not familiar with ETH.
  • A diverse range of monetization tools, including a tipping feature, forthcoming paywalled content, in-app NFT minting, live-streaming, and creator tokens.
  • An in-app governance and community voting system for $RPK holders, allowing users to have a say in platform development and to gain insights into audience preferences.

Since its inception, RepubliK has demonstrated impressive growth, evidenced by its expansion to over 1.5 million registered users and a substantial increase in social media presence. This growth highlights the platform's appeal to both Web2 and Web3 users.

About The Open Network

The Open Network (TON) is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain and network project, capable of handling millions of transactions per second if necessary, and both user-friendly and service provider-friendly. We aim for it to be able to host all reasonable applications currently proposed and conceived. One might think about TON as a huge distributed supercomputer, or rather a huge superserver, intended to host and provide a variety of services.

About Republik

Republik is an innovative SocialFi platform that seamlessly blends the ease of traditional social media with the advanced features of Web3 technology. It prioritizes user-friendliness with a gamified engagement system, encouraging active user participation. The platform simplifies the Web3 experience, offering diverse monetization options such as in-app NFT minting and a community-driven governance system. Catering to both regular social media users and blockchain enthusiasts, RepubliK has rapidly expanded its presence in the digital social sphere, demonstrating its commitment to revolutionizing the social media experience.

Press Contact

Head of Operations
Linus Maloney