France, Paris, November 22nd, 2023, Chainwire

Serenity Shield is marking a significant milestone in digital asset security by announcing the launch of StrongBox®️ DApp on the mainnet. The StrongBox®️ DApp, a trailblazer in blockchain-based security, offers a transformative solution for individuals, families, and businesses seeking robust protection for any form of digital assets like PDF files, word, audio, video, text, and cryptocurrencies.

StrongBox®️, leveraging blockchain technology, offers a privacy-preserving, encrypted data storage solution, ensuring that users' digital assets are securely stored and easily recoverable by designated beneficiaries in unforeseen circumstances.

StrongBox®️ offers significant advantages over traditional methods, where data is typically stored in centralized databases or cloud services, which are vulnerable to breaches, hacking, and unauthorized access. Blockchain-based StrongBox®️ provides a decentralized storage solution that enhances security against tampering and also allows user-controlled access to data. Additionally, it features an inheritance solution for secure asset transfer. 

This approach marks a shift from conventional, centralized systems to a more secure, distributed Cloud 3.0 model, where data is fragmented and goes through nodes and various servers, never held in a single place.

StrongBox offers a scalable storage capacity of up to 1 PetaB (1000TB), positioning it as a Cloud 3.0 solution ideal for both B2B and B2B2C markets, where it eliminates the need for traditional cloud storage services, firewalls, cybersecurity, and backups typically required in Web2.

The multi-chain compatibility of StrongBox®️ extends its functionality across various blockchain networks, offering flexibility and convenience. This feature, coupled with the DApp’s hardware independence, positions StrongBox®️ as a versatile and accessible solution for a broad spectrum of users.

StrongBox’s innovation and effectiveness have been recognized with the "Best Technology of the Year" award at the Burj CEO Awards and are further bolstered by its patent-pending status in the United States. The application's security has been independently verified by Hacken, a leader in cybersecurity, and will be further strengthened through a collaborative Bug Bounty program with HackenProof.

“As we unveil StrongBox on the main net, we’re not just launching a product; we’re reshaping the landscape of digital security. StrongBox is a testament to our commitment to pioneering solutions that exceed user expectations, offering unparalleled protection in the digital realm.” said Serenity Shield's CEO, Venket Naga.

The potential of StrongBox®️ extends beyond cryptocurrency, with applications in healthcare, finance, and legal sectors, showcasing its versatility in various real-world applications.

Experience the pinnacle of digital asset security with the StrongBox®️ Mainnet, available at Join Serenity Shield in pioneering a safer, more secure digital future.

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