, the world's first native Web3 hotel booking platform, is all set for a spectacular launch this summer. This first-of-its-kind platform will transform the hospitality industry by integrating blockchain technology, AI-driven personalization, and seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

Founded by travel tech entrepreneur Michael Ros and utilizing the next-gen Camino Network technology, aims to redefine travel by bridging the gap between traditional hospitality and the expanding world of web3.

Hotel Bookings Meet Blockchain

Sleap differentiates itself from competitors by being the first genuine blockchain-based OTA (Online Travel Agency). Users begin the journey by logging in with their crypto wallets, receiving offers as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and making payments using their favorite crypto assets. On the other hand, property owners accept all payments in fiat, such as the U.S. dollar, ensuring a seamless process for all.

"Imagine a world where your crypto wallet is your passport to a multitude of personalized hotel offers, sent to you as NFTs—that's the vision we're bringing to life with Sleap," shares Michael Ros, the driving force behind Sleap. "We've designed our platform to not only harness the power of blockchain but also evolve dynamically to meet the needs and preferences of our users."

Among its many groundbreaking features, Sleap employs smart contracts to eliminate traditional hotel agreements, boasts legal incorporation in Switzerland, operates on the L1 Camino Network, accepts crypto payments, and collaborates with global partners that boast over 150k properties. In addition, Sleap taps into Discord as its primary communication hub, streamlining operations through AI and search bots.

The advanced integration of blockchain technology allows Sleap to offer many benefits, from reduced transaction fees and fraud protection to exclusive, tailor-made offers.

Affordable, Secure, and Hyper-Personalized

In the legacy hospitality industry, traditional transaction costs and commissions can range from 15-30% of the average booking value. The burden of these commissions is passed off to customers through premium rates. Sleap's use of advanced blockchain automation significantly lowers these expenses, resulting in more competitive rates for travelers and more bookings for property owners.

Moreover, the platform helps hotels mitigate fraudulent activity and chargebacks—which account for nearly $3 billion in annual losses— by leveraging crypto payments' irreversible, final settlement property.

Sleap's ingenuity extends beyond its payment system. This next-gen OTA employs advanced AI search tools and algorithms to analyze users' preferences and travel patterns, delivering custom-tailored hotel booking suggestions that cater to their unique tastes. This level of personalization not only elevates the user experience and sets a new benchmark for customer service in the travel industry.

Tapping into a Growing Market

Market data supports the potential success of Sleap's platform. The hotel booking market is expected to hit a projected $10.27 billion this year, with market revenue forecasts pointing to a stunning $48.27 billion in 2030.

Furthermore, millennials and Generation Z comprised 94% of all crypto buyers in 2021. This puts Sleap in a strong position as it caters directly to this demographic that, apart from its openness to embracing emerging technology, typically spends $250 more per transaction than other customers. To boost engagement with this demographic, the platform will reward users with Camino Network tokens (CAM) for making reservations and referring others.

“Sleap, the pioneering online travel agency that leverages blockchain technology to offer personalized hotel rates directly to users' wallets, is an example of the immense innovational potential of Camino Network," states Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Chain4Travel, who is the facilitator of Camino Network. “With the integration of Sleap's innovative booking platform into the Camino Network ecosystem, the industry will experience unprecedented value and travelers, for the first time, truly personalized offers. We look forward to working together to shape the future of the travel industry.”

With its innovative approach to hotel booking, strategic partnerships, and an experienced founding team, Sleap is poised to change how we travel forever.


Spearheading a new phase in the travel industry, is a breakthrough blockchain-based Online Travel Agency (OTA) that fuses crypto payments, AI-powered personalization, and NFTs to offer unmatched hotel booking experiences tailored to each traveler's distinct taste.



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