Hong Kong, China, November 29th 2023

ICC Camp invites venture capital corporations, chain ecosystems, CEX/DEX ecosystems, gaming professionals and developers, media representatives, player communities, and other groups interested in the Web3 gaming ecosystem to join as founding partners. The objective is to collectively build ICC Camp, which is committed to cultivating and empowering future entrepreneurs in the Web3 gaming industry.

Paving the way for the Web3 industry into mainstream markets, the ongoing development of Web3 games continues to captivate public attention, drawing a substantial influx of non-industry players and user traffic. The evolution of Web3 games is not only a focal point for native Web3 professionals but also a strategic breakthrough eagerly anticipated by traditional game entrepreneurs.

Despite the long winter in the Web3 space the past two years, resilient entrepreneurs have persevered, adapting to a subdued market by consistently enhancing game products and project operations. As a result, high-quality Web3 gaming projects have continued to emerge.

The recent resurgence in market enthusiasm could signify the imminent dawn of a market resurgence that will benefit entrepreneurs and investors alike. Poised to spark a new wave of entrepreneurial investment within the Web3 gaming industry, this resurgence represents a golden opportunity for the industry.

With key strategic support from ABGA (Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance) and Web3Labs, ICC Camp (Imagine Creation Combinator Camp) officially announces its Hong Kong launch today, November 29th, 2023.

Focused on Web3 gaming entrepreneurship, ICC Camp is a startup camp committed to grooming and supporting outstanding entrepreneurs in the Web3 gaming industry. The camp provides systematic high quality offline courses, introduces rich industry resources, and offers financial support to its scholars.

ICC Camp - Imagine Creation Combinator Camp.

Startup and Founding Partner Opportunities

ICC Clly invites venture capital corporations, chain ecosystems, CEX/DEX ecosystems, gaming professionals and developers, media representatives, player communities, and other interested groups focused on the Web3 gaming ecosystem to join in the building of ICC Camp.

For startup teams in the Web3 gaming industry, joining ICC Camp presents the following opportunities:

  • Specialized Investment Plan Support: ICC Camp will establish a dedicated investment plan to provide early investment support to the projects of outstanding scholars in S1.
  • High-Quality Systematic Courses: ICC Camp will invite authoritative experts and opinion leaders within and outside the industry as mentors to deliver a variety of online and offline courses covering market analysis, project planning, product optimization, financing and listing, community operation, and marketing, as well as to share key industry insights for scholars.
  • Diverse Study Opportunities: The courses will be held in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc. Post-course, ICC Camp will guide scholars in visiting local Web3 renowned enterprises, facilitating close communication and in-depth insights into local markets.
  • Strong Support from Authoritative Partner Organizations: Exceptional students at ICC Camp will receive scholarships from established institutions, grants from multiple chains, greenlights for exchange listings, free audit quotas, cloud service platform credits, free publicity services, etc.
  • Deep Camaraderie and Industry Networking: ICC Camp is dedicated to building a rich industry network of relationships for scholars, fostering in-depth interaction among scholars, aiding them in connecting with more industry resources for future development and collaboration, and establishing efficient and close partnerships.

Web3 Ecosystem Opportunities

For the Web3 ecosystem, such as exchanges, venture capital firms, research teams, Web3 distribution platforms, media communities, or individuals aspiring to become core partners of ICC Camp, joining ICC Camp presents the following opportunities:

  • Investment Opportunities: Participation in the first phase of the CAMP specialized investment plan, providing optimal early investment conditions for high-quality scholar projects of ICC Camp S1.
  • Brand Promotion and Business Opportunities: Exposure and promotional opportunities through online and offline events for individual and institutional partners, expanding brand awareness in the industry through various channels.
  • Speaking Opportunities: Partner organizations can be invited as mentors to share their expertise in courses or be invited as guest speakers at a series of events organized by ICC Camp.
  • Access to Diverse Networks: Partners can participate in the network of relationships between ICC Camp, ABGA, and Web3Labs, establishing close and trusted relationships with instructors and scholars.
  • Efficient Access to High-Quality Global Projects: Access to a network of founders and entrepreneurs of high-quality projects worldwide and potential future collaborations. Through in-depth interaction with promising projects, mentors will expand their contacts and deepen industry relationships.

ICC CAMP S1 officially begins in April 2024 with offline cou. It welcomes Web3 gaming entrepreneurs and supporters worldwide who are passionate about the industry to write a new chapter for the Web3 gaming industry, ushering in a new wave of industry innovators.

For collaboration opportunities, please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/CjnxRHtvsovefZ449

Press Contact

Telegram: @Yokazhou @kivimomo, Email: camp@iccombinator.com