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From the start, TomoOne embarked on a nostalgic journey, embracing the charm of 1990s classic Tamagotchi. This fully on-chain digital pet game was born to pay homage and infuse a brilliantly engaging gamification layer into applications effortlessly. Inaugurating its journey, TomoOne made its debut within the MetaOne® Wallet. Here, it served a dual purpose: not only to educate Web2 users of Web3 basics via a hands-on experience but also ingeniously ensure that users never forgot their signature for transaction signing. How? Enticing them to interact with it multiple times a day from the start, even without any assets in their wallet.

Today marks an exciting milestone as AAG opens the doors to TomoOne for 3rd party applications, tapping into the irresistible emotional bond that digital pets create, offering them a golden opportunity to attract and retain users daily. Once seamlessly integrated, these 3rd party apps can introduce an entirely novel dimension to the pet-raising experience. Imagine this: you visit a participating restaurant, and you indulge yourself and get the joy of feeding your digital companion simultaneously—a delightful fusion of real-world and virtual interaction!

SingSing, a Sing-to-Earn karaoke application recently launched on Saakuru Blockchain, is the first application to utilize TomoOne API for gamification.

“As a pioneer embracing the TomoOne API for a thrilling gamification experience, TomoOne users can now harmonize with their digital companions through lively karaoke sessions and dive into a world of engaging activities on SingSing!" said Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO of AAG.
AAG, a promising and rapidly expanding web3 platform

As the TomoOne platform evolves, AAG is set to elevate the excitement by introducing an array of captivating gamification features. It all begins with the expansion of stats, now encompassing not just happiness but intelligence and strength, rendering each pet truly one-of-a-kind, shaped by their owners' tender care. But that's not all—users will soon embark on thrilling competitions, pitting their pets against friends and challengers in a medley of exhilarating activities!

“AAG is a promising and rapidly expanding web3 platform with a solid foundation, and we are thrilled to be a partner, bringing over 70,000 members, NFTs, vouchers, and more for exchange and interaction. We believe that a sustainable partnership will create additional value for both communities, with underlying technology from TomoOne and the MetaOne wallet.” said Hai Nguyen, SingSing's Head of Product.

Ready to infuse a burst of excitement into TomoOne's digital pet world? Get started today! TomoOne API is now available, and access can be requested from the AAG website.

About AAG

AAG is a Web3 infrastructure company focused on providing a software ecosystem that helps simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse for mainstream users and traditional companies. AAG provides a secure and easy-to-use seedless MetaOne® wallet and MetaOne® SDK and infrastructure software, such as a cross-chain search engine and gas-fee-less Saakuru blockchain for enterprise companies. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses by bridging the gap to harness the power of Web3 via our technology while providing strategies for businesses to successfully adapt and create the next level of engagement-focused products and services.

For more information about AAG, visit: AAG Linktree

About SingSing

SingSing is a unique application that connects web3 technology with physical singing activities, transforming web2 karaoke parties into an enjoyable web3 experience. Our goal is to promote happy lifestyles with the power of blockchain.

With the Sing-to-Earn feature, SingSing encourages singing lovers to sing better. Users can also enjoy many other features, such as singing contests, social activities, lucky draws, NFT minting, NFT marketplace, voucher exchange, and more.

Quietly working in the background, SingSing has attracted more than 70,000 organic users. The number keeps growing, welcoming thousands of new users every day across Southeast Asia, especially from the Philippines.

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Jack Vinijtrongjit