London, United Kingdom, May 23rd, 2023, Chainwire

AltSignals (ASI), the revolutionary new AI-powered trading signals provider, continues to make waves in the crypto world by announcing its token presale has stormed past the $750k milestone.

AltSignals' native token, ASI, has succeeded during its presale phase and continues demonstrating growth. ASI is currently available at $0.015 during stage 1 of its presale, with the imminent second stage set to increase the price by 25% to $0.01875. The value will eventually grow to $0.02274 at the end of the presale before listing on exchanges, at a 52% rise from today's price.

Rod Phim, CEO of AltSignals, welcomed the good news. “We’re thrilled that people have shown confidence in us and what we bring to the table. We have already seen the impact AI has had on a variety of industries, and we’re using this cutting-edge technology to better serve our users. Passing $750k in our current presale raise shows how promising our offering is. The news couldn’t have come at a better time to coincide with the product development, as discussed in our recent AMA.”

AltSignals' new AI layer, ActualizeAI, will diligently scan the markets 24/7, providing real-time trading insights and opportunities that can be factored into the programs that generate the signals. The developers will use this additional data to improve the accuracy of their existing trading signals and consistently increase the service's reliability over time.

The AltSignals team focuses on developing trading objectives and strategies, including programming risk levels. Building this into the AI will be essential for catering to a wide range of users engaging in traditional markets and digital assets. Risk analysis is supported by a data-acquiring exercise that looks at historical price data, fundamental data, and other data streams, which will be cleansed and pre-processed before being fed into the AI engine.

AltSignals has a significant user base actively trading using its indicator service and will become the first cohort to test the new AI. The team confirms the confidence has grown in AltSignals during its ASI token presale and is generating growth metrics around digital asset communities around the future of the token.

Phim added, “We hope the $750k raise milestone encourages more people to potentially invest in our offering and token, as we clearly have a proven track record of success after thriving for 5 years in what is a very competitive market.”

About AltSignals

AltSignals has provided leading algorithm-based indicators and signals to its 52,000 members since 2017. Priding itself on transparency, the strength of its service and indicators is backed up by almost 500 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.9/5.

The business plans to grow on the achievements of its existing proposition by developing a new AI layer, ActualizeAI, to massively increase the accuracy of its trading signals and provide its users with invaluable indicators to keep them ahead of the markets.

Find out more about AltSignals and participate in ASI's presale here.

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