Yellow, a blockchain product and infrastructure company, and Aza Group, an advisory and investment firm that focuses on technology that can enable the adoption of crypto for the masses, are eager to announce a new strategic partnership to strengthen the development of the Yellow Network project.

Yellow Network is a decentralized Layer-3 peer-to-peer broker clearing network powered by OpenDAX from Openware that delivers a legitimate decentralized trading experience with unprecedented safety and transparency for all network participants from exchanges and brokers to traders.

Our team is glad to welcome Aza Group as the Yellow Network project advocate. Together, we will simplify Web3 development and give particular attention to enabling the simplified adoption of crypto to people,— comments Louis Bellet, CEO of Yellow.

Aza Group has joined the long list of Yellow Network supporters to help the project on the mission to remove the operational bottleneck of today’s crypto market trading.

We are excited to collaborate with Yellow Network and we are deeply convinced that what Yellow is trying to accomplish is the real future of Web3 and finance. We are happy to provide all the necessary support and assistance in all aspects we can to advance the development of Yellow Network,— says Mohammed Waseem, CEO of Aza Groups.

About Yellow

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions. Yellow also includes developer tools, services, and education programs worldwide for blockchain infrastructure developers and crypto brokerage businesses.

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About Aza Group

Aza Groups is an Advisory and Investment firm based in India that focuses on technology that can enable crypto adoption for the masses.

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