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BulletChain, the next-generation free-to-play P2E Web3 combat-oriented third-person shooter game, is proud to announce a successful raise of $2M through a private sale funded by gamers in the Asian market. The team is focused on continuing to expand operations as the game gets closer to launch. BulletChain will be available on mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS.

BulletChain seeks to differentiate itself with its supplementary revenue models and novel incentive structures to keep players engaged in the Web3 space while standing out in the Web2 space for its innovative gameplay and seamless onboarding experience.

In the past year of development, the BulletChain team has established strategic partnerships and connections with games and entities within the Esports and mobile gaming industry, acquired an experienced team of game developers with a history of successful releases, BulletChain seeks to differentiate itself with its supplementary revenue models and novel incentive structures to keep players engaged in the Web3 space while standing out in the Web2 space for its innovative gameplay and seamless onboarding experience.

$BCN Tokens Staking and Renting

Players can lock up their NFT to receive newly created $BCN. Players can rent their valuable weapons to other players to get earnings whenever the player using their weapon wins the match.

Large-Scale Team Battles on Land, Sea, and Air with Up to 50v50 Players

The project is prioritizing an ecosystem where players can experience ever-evolving gameplay, asset ownership, and a sustainable tokenomics structure to play for years to come. The game is a free-to-play, play-and-earn mobile third-person shooter pushing the genre's expectations forward with chaotic 50v50 and 25v25 large-scale team battles across huge maps and multi-terrain vehicular rampage on land, sea, or air.

BulletChain Movie Trailer on YouTube.

Following the Success of Reddit Digital Collectibles

Taking lessons from Reddit's digital collectibles, BulletChain emphasizes a seamless onboarding experience to attract gamers from all sides. A major problem in the GameFi sector is the reliance on new players to maintain project upkeep.

BulletChain is looking to solve this problem by diversifying its revenue streams into categories, including in-map ads, Esports Fantasy, purchasable cosmetics, tournaments, sponsorships, and fundraising. Moreover, the project aims to keep players around for a long time with its novel incentive structures: dynamic earning mechanisms and Esports fantasy. Players can choose to fight in casual or competitive game modes. The former is free-to-play with a low reward rate, while the latter is pay-to-play with a higher potential for earning. The Esports Fantasy system is designed so that every participant wins in their way: the best players get the biggest rewards for their performance, the biggest fans get rewarded for their dedication, and the most loyal players get rewarded for their time on the battlefield. All of this is built with BulletChain's two main tokens: $BUL, the utility token, and $BCN, the governance token.

Join Bullet Chain Closed Beta from September 11 to 18th, 2023

BulletChain recently announced the Closed Beta on Twitter, which will happen from September 11 to 18. Players who want to become one of the first to play BulletChain can apply for the Closed Beta through the application form. Applications are live now and have been extended until September 8. With tons of rewards, such as $5,000 cash prizes, LandNFT ($1,400 worth), and exclusive in-game items, BulletChain offers many participant incentives. Please note that there may be changes to the launch date for the closed beta, so please be sure to join the Discord server and Twitter for up-to-date information.

BulletChain is not content with just being another GameFi project. By studying the previous projects' successes and failures, the team is committed to bridging the gap between web2 and web3 gaming and showing that a sustainable GameFi ecosystem is possible.

BulletChain is currently deploying three NFT collections as a part of the roadmap:

  • LAND NFTs (already launched in Japan; organically raised over $2M through Japanese retail investors)
  • Weapon NFTs
  • Vehicle NFTs

About BulletChain

BulletChain is a free-to-play, play-and-earn, third-person shooter initially building on the Binance Smart Chain. Operated by King System ( and comprised of a team with mobile game development and e-sports industry experience. The game has two main modes: casual and competitive. The former is free-to-play for everyone and requires an entry fee that gets pooled together as a prize for the winning team.

Furthermore, the King System team is working on an eSports Fantasy feature where players can predict the outcome of competitive matches and the performance of individual players for potential rewards. Currently, the game supports 25vs25 and 50vs50 large-scale battles across three maps. The developers focus on a grab-and-go gameplay experience that is easy to adopt for both Web2 and Web3 audiences, usually being the dominant nature of most mobile games.

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