Miami, FL, May 11, 2023, Chainwire

Friends of George (FOG) NIL and Coach Chris Caputo collaborate to release an experiential NFT drop to benefit the GW Basketball Team and its student-athletes on the ReserveBlock RBX Network commemorating Coach Caputo's 2023 inaugural season and the team's appearance in the Atlantic Ten Tournament at the Barclay's Center in Caputo's hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. The "Raise High" exclusive drop consists of six exclusive one-of-one NFTs, each as a multi-asset token minted on the RBX network containing one-of-a-kind digital and physical assets, each with unique experiences to be redeemed by the holder directly with Coach Caputo himself while interacting IRL with GW Basketball players. The exclusive commemorative FOG drop will be a first for any NIL where fans, students, and FOG sponsors/supporters will directly access the scarce tokens without any third party and enable real on-chain utility for collecting, interacting, and redemption.

Furthermore, the "Raise High" commemorative experiential collectibles can be traded peer-to-peer easily through the RBX Web Wallet. They may potentially unlock future benefits for holders associated with FOG NIL events. Coach Caputo will donate all proceeds to benefit the program and its student-athletes.

“While bringing a title home to GW is always our primary goal, it starts by solidifying our connectivity with the community for the benefit of our student athletes, the university and all GW fans. I believe this is a unique way to bring our players and fans together in a more engaging way and utilizing blockchain technology gives us a unique opportunity to do just that.” Said Coach Caputo “We welcome this type of engagement for our student athletes! As NIL empowers them, we want to encourage forward thinking use that goes well beyond just earning potential. I believe this will help give fans a front row seat to our journey for a title, while at the same time democratizing the landscape for all our student athletes and continue to raise the standard of excellence our program stands for.” Stated Coach Caputo

The exclusive "Raise High" commemorative series will drop promptly on Coach Caputo's RBX Web Wallet Auction on Friday, May 12, at 1:00 PM ET. The auction will end at 1:00 PM ET on Monday, May 15. The auction is open to all who wish to participate and can be accessed by clicking the RBX Web Wallet at the site and signing in with a username and password of their choosing. Users will then click the p2p Auctions tab on the wallet and be able to access the "FOG Aim High" Auction House. Users must have RBX native coin to participate and bid, which can be purchased at BitMart, Bitrue, or MEXC Global exchanges. Users may also go to the ReserveBlock Discord from the site to seek support if needed.

The Friends of George Collective's (FOG) mission is to empower George Washington University student-athletes to achieve their most significant potential in the classroom, in competition, and in life, by equipping them with hard-earned resources to achieve their goals. FOG promises to foster and facilitate a marketplace for GW student-athletes while providing industry-wide expertise and mentorship. By equipping GW students with insights and mentorship from GW's worldwide alum base and top minds in all walks of business, medicine, law, finance, politics, entertainment, and more, Friends of George makes an indelible impact on the Buff and Blue and throughout the GW community. For more and to learn how to support GW student-athletes further, please inquire via email at [email protected].

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