DMTP is a Decentralized Message Transfer Protocol that will establish an infrastructure for communication on Web3. It raised a seed round of funding from East Ventures, Arriba Studio, double jump ventures, and angel investor Yu Ayato.

What is Web3 communication infrastructure" DMTP"?

Based on the concept of "setting up the infrastructure for Web3 communication," DMTP is a protocol that allows exchanging of direct private messages between cryptocurrency wallets.

Users will be able to send and receive messages from each other, and dApps will be able to send notifications and messages to users.

The topmost features of DMPT will include Communicate to Earn and the world's first unique Chat Sticker NFTs.

DMTP creates new forms of communication by providing technology to Web3 businesses that have problems communicating with users.

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Communicate to Earn

Users can earn tokens to be issued by DMTP based on their activities.

Unique NFT Chat Stickies

NFT that can be used as a sticker in DMTP chat.

Use of Funds Procured

The main uses of the funds to be procured are as follows:

  • Business investment.
  • Protocol development.
  • Chat Sticker NFT development.
  • Web application development.
  • Development of Discord integration function.
  • Global marketing.

Strengthening recruitment

DMTP is strengthening its recruitment of blockchain developers and software engineers.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with the DMTP team at

Comments from investors who participated in this seed round

  • Arriba Studio: Director Tomohiro Miyasaka
We understand that DMTP is a project that tries to solve the problem of the lack of a messaging protocol for anonymous, direct, and free communication, which should be required in the Web3 domain, based on Wallet Address. Arriba Studio believes in the potential of this project. Go DMTP!!!

double Ryo Manzoku

It is now a clear challenge in the Web3 industry to know Wallet Address but not be able to send a message. Especially in the gaming domain, "text chat" is an inseparable feature. Messaging will be a necessary part of the Web3 era, when distributed personalities will become the de facto standard. Hopefully DMTP will carry that out!
  • Angel Investor: Yu Ayato
In this Web3 era, wallet addresses filled with numerous transaction histories and NFTs will become the identity and the center of communication. As the number of IRL events and contracts tied to NFTs increases in the future, existing applications will no longer be able to handle the difficulty of determining whether the person with whom they are communicating truly owns an NFT. It is inevitable that the demand for tools that enable simpler and more reliable communication with address holders will increase rapidly in the future. DMTP's challenge to be the first to focus on communication in such a wallet-native era will accelerate all Web3 communities.
  • DMTP Co-founder: Aru Sasaki
We are very pleased to announce that we have raised a seed round of funding from leading Japanese companies in the blockchain space and top players in the NFT space. DMTP is a web3 project based in Singapore. We are confident that the investors are very encouraging people who will help us to scale globally in the future. While the term "Web3" is becoming a buzzword, the foundation is not yet in place for it to spread worldwide. We will do our best to move forward to support the world in the future from the essential area of the communication layer.
  • DMTP Co-founder: Kosuke Araki
The major revolution of Web3 will change the conventional concept of Internet IDs and usher in an era in which individuals will manage their IDs with wallets. When such a revolution becomes widespread, it will be essential to be able to send messages directly to wallets, which are IDs. DMTP is a project to prepare the world's Web3 communication infrastructure for such a future. We would like to build the future of Web3 together with the investment and support of the people who represent Web3 in Japan.

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