People are the spirit, soul, and core of the success of any Web3 project. Since launching Yellow Network, we have built a robust and engaging community that has become an amazing propagator, supporter, and backbone of Yellow’s mission.

Yellow is delighted to announce the launch of Duckies— an NFT & token-based reward platform designed to deepen the connection and boost the engagement of our powerful, friendly, and rapidly growing Yellow Network family.

What is Duckies Platform?

The Duckies Platform revolves around social engagement tasks and rewards for the community members who are the most active in completing them. Alongside that, the Duckies ecosystem features upcoming NFT collections with various use cases — from granting holders a special status in the Yellow world to a wider implication on the later stages of the platform.

The third important thing to keep in mind about the Duckies Platform is a well-structured referral system — you can earn from 20% to 500% for each member who joins using your personal referral link.

$DUCKIES — the Social Cryptocurrency of the Duckies Ecosystem

Welcome $DUCKIES — an official reward token of the Duckies Platform. This token will accelerate the community growth and reward Yellowians for their dedication and commitment to the Yellow Network project. $DUCKIES holders will be able to exchange it for the $YELLOW token on the Duckies Platform and engage in many more activities that will be announced later.

With this, we commit to encouraging and boosting community participation to one notch higher. We are setting $DUCKIES to roam free and take on the adventurous journey. Quack-quack!

Quack-quack! Get ready to collect your duck.

How Many $DUCKIES Tokens Are There & How to Claim

There are 100B $DUCKIES tokens. We want to be sure that there are enough tokens for everyone to have fun with! To claim your $DUCKIES, you need to go through a couple of simple steps:

  1. Connect the MetaMask wallet;
  2. Ensure that you have some $MATIC that will be used for gas fees
  3. Claim you $DUCKIES

Claim Your First 10K DUCKIES Tokens

DUCKIES—The Fun and Friendly Web3 Currency
Yellow DUCKIES is an NFT and token-based reward community ecosystem. Claim free rewards, invite friends, and grow your stacks. Exchange $DUCKIES for incredible prizes, exclusive NFTs, popular tokens, and much more!

Multiple opportunities to earn $DUCKIES

  • Social interactions
  • Completing quests
  • Participating in contests & community initiatives
  • Inviting friends and fellow crypto enthusiasts to discover $DUCKIES

Earned $DUCKIES tokens can be redeemed for awesome prizes like unique Duckies NFTs, $YELLOW tokens, exclusive Yellow brand merchandise, swapped for other memes/community tokens, and many others. Sounds great, right?


DUCKIES are more than just a community reward token, they are also NFTs. Our team has prepared an awesome Duckies collection which will include:

  • Generative Duckies as a basic setup;
  • Numerous seasonal NFTs;
  • Events & community calls NFTs drops.
Pick your DUCKIE mascot and make sure to gather all collections!

Stay Tuned For More Yellow Broadcasts

Join the awesome Yellow community to stay in the loop of upcoming announcements about $DUCKIES and learn more about the project:

At Yellow, we believe in lifelong learning and effective networking. We will continue to highlight the unique Yellow Network project, expand our awesome community, broaden the network and forge new partnerships.

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye on more announcements from the Yellow team!

About Yellow

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions.

Yellow also provides developer tools, services, and education programs worldwide for blockchain infrastructure developers and crypto brokerage businesses.

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