New York City, NY –April 12-14, 2023 – is excited to announce its attendance at the NFT NYC Show on April 12-14. YCLUB is thrilled to participate in NFT NYC, one of the world's largest and most respected NFT conferences. As an innovator bringing Web3 tech to the superyacht space, YCLUB will showcase its genesis utility-based NFT collection.

What is YCLUB?

YCLUB is the world's first superyacht management company to fully integrate Web3 technology, NFT community and utility features, data-driven AI insights, and Metaverse experiences throughout its ecosystem. YCLUB's mission is to leverage technology to reimagine the experience of clientele and professionals in the superyacht space, to work for ocean conservation, and to build a vibrant, diverse community that benefits from the YCLUB economy together.

YCLUB’s NFTs are built for beauty and utility

YCLUB is proud to announce that its groundbreaking genesis NFT collection, featuring 7,000 stunning pieces, is now 90% sold out. Each NFT in this collection showcases the magnificent Lana superyacht in ultra-high resolution, set against breathtaking seascapes and the world's most iconic ports. The level of artistic quality and attention to detail in these NFTs is a value of its own.

The appeal of YCLUB's superyacht NFTs goes beyond their aesthetic allure.

But the appeal of YCLUB's superyacht NFTs goes beyond their aesthetic allure. Owners also enjoy exclusive utilities and benefits. YCLUB NFT holders receive non-expiring rewards from YCLUB's Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace and its nautically-themed e-commerce YCLUB Store. Additionally, YCLUB NFT holders enjoy discounts, -a 5% discount on superyacht charter bookings, and additional discounts in the YCLUB Store.

YCLUB NFTs have four tiers – Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Top-tier Epic & Legendary NFTs offer unique benefits, such as access to invitation-only real-life events on superyachts in the docking season and renting these NFTs. YCLUB's website features a comprehensive chart outlining the utilities and benefits of their NFTs across the YCLUB ecosystem.

Superyacht Crowdfund through NFTs

In Q3 2023, YCLUB will release the world’s first NFT collection representing a digital certificate of fractional ownership in YCLUB’s crowdfunded superyacht. YCLUB is especially excited about this initiative because it expands the demographic of people who can participate in the outsized financial rewards available in the superyacht industry. Income will be generated from chartering and events on the crowdfunded superyacht and distributed to Crowdfund NFT holders annually. Crowdfunding series NFT owners will also be invited for special events on the crowdfunded superyacht during the docking season.

Eagle Eyes Win a YCLUB NFT!

If you spot a YCLUB representative at the NFT NYC Show and you can describe two things that make YCLUB NFTs unique to him or her, you will win a YCLUB NFT! Over $50,000 worth of YCLUB NFTs is to be given away.

Meet with YCLUB

YCLUB will be meeting with industry professionals to discuss potential integrations. To meet with YCLUB at NFT NYC, DM them on Twitter or Instagram, or email them at [email protected].

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