Majuro, Marshall Islands, May 25, 2023, Chainwire

Web3 project FLUUS has announced the listing of its eponymous token on the MEXC exchange. The $FLUUS token was listed on MEXC on May 24 at 12:00 UTC, marking the first centralized exchange to list the Avalanche-based asset.

MEXC’s decision to list the $FLUUS token will support the FLUUS team in its mission to revolutionize access to web3 for developers and consumers. As a multi-purpose utility token, $FLUUS performs a range of roles, including fee reductions for developers integrating FLUUS into their solutions. It also serves as collateral for on and off-ramp partners and rewards retail users with real yield.

FLUUS is on a mission to connect the world’s digital money by making it easier for crypto holders to transact. FLUUS Pay, its flagship product, combines a widget and API that enables anyone to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies. It can be easily embedded into third-party websites and applications.

As a fixed supply token, the one billion $FLUUS minted will never be increased. The token aligns incentives within the FLUUS ecosystem, and its importance in driving desirable outcomes will increase as other FLUUS products are released. Use cases such as staking and governance within FLUUS DAO will be complemented by new ways of saving $FLUUS while driving the project’s overarching goal of making crypto spendable for millions.

The second project to launch on the AllianceBlock Fundrs Launchpad, the $FLUUS token sale, sold out in just three hours. The token’s listing on MEXC was ratified with the support of the exchange’s community. The Kickstarter session that resulted in the $FLUUS listing was confirmed after 45,089,514 MX voted in favor.

MEXC is the 15th largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume and is famed for supporting emerging web3 projects that aim to effect positive change through intelligent tokenization.


By building global solutions catering to underserved markets, FLUUS promises to evolve the crypto ecosystem to connect humanity to better economic opportunities. FLUUS believes in being a force for positive change, boldly becoming the crypto ecosystem to overcome financial barriers in the developing world.

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