Web3 innovator GetBlock was among the first mainstream BaaS platforms to add Sui RPC API endpoints. Now, two teams are working together to incubate the next generation of Sui-based decentralized applications of various types.

GetBlock advances collaboration with Sui: What's next?

The next phase of the collaboration between leading Web3 infrastructure provider GetBlock and high-performance L1 blockchain Sui Network kicks off in July 2023. GetBlock and Sui are ready to accelerate joint R&D, tech, and marketing activities to introduce Sui RPC nodes to cryptocurrency teams from all over the globe.

Sui endpoints Image by GetBlock

Currently, GetBlock offers shared and dedicated RPC nodes for the Sui blockchain. This means developers can choose between sharing the resources with peers or working with an isolated server. With GetBlock's easy-to-use RPC nodes infrastructure, teams don't have to roll out blockchain nodes themselves any longer.

GetBlock offers free and paid packages for Sui RPC nodes. Paid tariffs start from $29 per 5 million requests, while for $480 per month, developers can use dedicated Sui nodes with no requests limit.

Despite overall uncertainty in cryptocurrency markets, GetBlock registers an increase in the Sui RPC node's popularity. DeFis, on-chain wallets, and payment systems are integrating Sui APIs with GetBlock in a streamlined and resource-efficient manner.

CBDO Paliani held a workshop in Paris Sui Builder House 

As a part of the long-term strategic cooperation between the two teams, GetBlock CBDO George Paliani hosted a developer workshop in Sui Builder House in Paris.

Image by GetBlock

Veteran cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur Mr. Paliani covered the concepts of RPC node provider, "Blockchain-as-a-Service," cryptocurrency APIs, and so on. He also demonstrated the opportunities GetBlock unlocks for Web3 developers in terms of technical infrastructure.

Mr. Paliani highlighted the role of what GetBlock offers in the progress of the global Web3 segment:

Setting up and configuring self-hosted nodes is a time-consuming and technical task. But with GetBlock, the deployment process is streamlined and hassle-free. Connect to your desired blockchain network through our API, eliminating complexities and saving valuable time. Our provider offers user-friendly documentation and guides to make it a breeze..

Besides the speech, CBDO presented a live demo of how cryptocurrency applications interact with blockchain nodes through GetBlock's RPC endpoints.

First feedback on Sui RPC APIs by GetBlock: "Straightforward and Intuitive."

As of August 2023, many dApps on the Sui blockchain are already using GetBlock RPC endpoints.

The customer success unit of GetBlock receives its first feedback on free and paid tariffs from pioneering users: One of the standout features of GetBlock is the accessibility it offers to users of all levels. As a novice, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t need to have a deep understanding of node operations to create an RPC SUI with GetBlock. The process was straightforward and intuitive, enabling me to focus on other aspects of my project with ease.

GetBlock is excited to be a part of the Sui ecosystem and is always ready to support all projects interested in working with SUI RPC APIs.

In June 2023, GetBlock launched an affiliate program; it is up and running for SUI RPC node users. Affiliate partners can share up to 20% of their referrals' payouts to spread the word about GetBlock's nodes.

About GetBlock

Launched in Q4 2019, GetBlock is one of the largest blockchain infrastructure providers. It offers RPC nodes of 50+ blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana, and L2 networks Optimism and Arbitrum.

With GetBlock, teams of crypto applications don't need to run their blockchain nodes: instead, they can connect to blockchains via ready-made API endpoints. To meet the requirements of various dApps, GetBlock offers free and paid packages.

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