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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 29, 2023 — In Dubai, a city synonymous with the future, a beacon of technological advancement is set to shine. The Global Tech Innovation Summit 2023 is scheduled for September 26-27, promising to be more than just an industry event: it is an incubator of ideas and a meeting ground for the minds shaping the future of technology.

This eagerly anticipated summit brings together industry titans, innovative entrepreneurs, discerning investors, and passionate tech enthusiasts. They come from around the globe, united by a shared vision to explore and influence the trajectory of cutting-edge technology. This is where the latest trends and developments in crypto, blockchain, the Metaverse, digital assets, Web3, cybersecurity, AI, and other frontier technologies are dissected, discussed, and disseminated.

For companies with big tech dreams, the summit represents a golden opportunity. Attendees can rub shoulders with industry leaders, connect with potential partners and pitch to investors. This is a launchpad for new business ventures, where startups can network with influential figures capable of kick-starting their success with funding, partnerships, and a wealth of fresh opportunities.

The two-day agenda includes engaging activities, from enlightening keynote speeches and fireside chats to vibrant panel discussions and networking sessions. Over 50 industry experts, including government officials and top-tier executives, are set to grace the stage, ready to share their wisdom and experiences.

The Global Tech Innovation Summit is not just an event but a journey of discovery and transformation. Attendees will leave the conference armed with a treasure trove of fresh insights, a renewed sense of purpose, and an expanded worldview on the future of technology.

Companies looking to step into the spotlight can grab the opportunity to sponsor. Sponsors get to showcase their latest innovations, gain media attention, network with potential investors and partners, and position their brands as leaders in the tech industry. Benefits of participation include possible connections with C-suite attendees and investors, increased brand recognition, and the opportunity to display solutions to a relevant, interested audience, ultimately expanding market reach.

Event Highlights

  • 50+ distinguished speakers & panelists
  • 6 thought-provoking keynotes
  • 6 engaging panel discussions
  • 15 exclusive leader/sponsor presentations
  • 500+ delegates from around the globe

Attendee breakdown

  • Tech professionals 45%
  • Crypto startups 25%
  • Investors 15%
  • Government 15%
  • Others 10%

Who will attend

  • Government officials
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • CTOs
  • Executives
  • Technology experts
  • CISOs
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Policymakers
  • Crypto investors
  • Industry builders
  • Creators
  • Crypto miners
  • Mining pool operators
  • Traders
  • Startups
  • Others

Ways to Get Involved

  1. Register as a Delegate and tap into the knowledge of industry experts.
  2. Become a Sponsor and put your brand on the map.
  3. Secure an Exhibitor Booth and show off your innovative technologies and services.

About the Global Tech Innovation Summit

The Global Tech Innovation Summittoday'sre, today's potential, meets tomorrow's possibilities. For more information about the event, visit https://globaltechinnovationsummit.com/.

Press Contact

Gulf Xellence
Muzamil Amin