Singapore, Singapore, 28th February 2023, Chainwire

Huobi, a virtual asset trading platform, announced joining the BTTC (BitTorrent Chain) ecosystem to support the development of a Layer-2 network based on BTTC. The goal is to promote an on-chain open financial system.

BTTC, the L2 solution for Ethereum, TRON, and BNB Chain, was launched in December 2021, with ZK (Zero Proof of Knowledge) technology to be introduced later this year. This enables users to build decentralized applications anywhere and provides a secure, low-cost, fast development environment for dApps, thus creating an on-chain open ecosystem.

At its core, BTTC is a cross-chain solution that enables seamless asset exchange through digital asset connectivity of mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, TRON, and BNB Chain, spanning a super network linking all blockchains.

Adding Huobi to the BTTC ecosystem will further promote the development and usage of decentralized applications on-chain and enhance the exchange's ecosystem. Huobi has over 50 million users globally, with over $100 trillion in cumulative assets traded. The exchange enables blockchain developers to serve many verified users and connect voluminous digital assets worldwide. According to a report released by Huobi Research Institute at the end of 2022, global crypto users have reached 320 million. Huobi can provide virtual asset trading services to hundreds of millions or billions of users worldwide through BTTC L2.

As a member of the Huobi global advisory board, H.E. Justin Sun commented,

"Huobi joining the BTTC ecosystem reflects the industry's latest focus on L2 developments and also demonstrates the pioneering status of BTTC among its peers in the field of building a complete and pragmatic layer 2 cross-chain network structure and platform."

By supporting the L2 network developments of mainstream public chains, including Ethereum and TRON, Huobi provides an open, secure, and diverse environment for all relevant developer teams. As such, users of the Huobi trading platform also enjoy first-hand access to the best quality projects.

In November 2022, Huobi completed its brand upgrade, launching a new growth strategy. The exchange seeks to promote the responsible use of crypto for a wide range of users and educate more people about everyday crypto adoption by introducing them to an ever-changing network of quality digital assets, ensuring the free flow of value created by each individual as a global citizen. Huobi values the voice of its community and creates every opportunity for users to participate in the early stages of quality projects. The addition of the BTTC L2 ecosystem will certainly create new synergies that, in turn, nurture the further growth of Huobi.

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