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Crypto Exchange Huobi announced that the 7th round of Huobi's PrimeVote event is finished. In this round, 12 projects competed for the listing, accumulating 226,040,064 votes as "Rockets". After two rounds of intense voting, MinePlex (XFI) emerged as the winner, garnering 208,172,999 "Rockets". XFI will soon get listed on Huobi for trading.

In the final round of voting, XFI secured the win by amassing 208,172,999 "Rockets". XDAO secured the second position with 11,355,497 "Rockets" while AD and INS captured the third and fourth positions with 4,130,180 "Rockets" and 2,381,388 "Rockets" respectively. Huobi's official data reveals that participants cast 226,040,064 "Rockets" with 5,176 individuals participating. Notably, the "Rockets" used for voting witnessed a substantial 78% upswing compared to the previous round. Additionally, the 8th round of Huobi's PrimeVote event will carry on its worldwide search for outstanding projects by encouraging their participation in this vote-to-list event. The rules of the 8th PrimeVote will stay the same with "rockets" as the favored voting tool.

Vote for projects with "Rockets" and win limited edition NFTs

The "Rocket Plan" is Huobi's newest endeavor to enrich user engagement and experience. Rockets refer to the USDT equivalent of your average assets on Huobi over a 30-day period. 1 USDT equals to 1 Rocket. The Rocket value represents an integer without decimal places.

The balance of their assets determines the number of "Rockets" a user holds. With an increased possession of "Rockets," users can wield more influence in the PrimeVote event, major platform decisions, new token airdrops, and other scenarios where "Rockets" come into play. This grants them a stronger voice and a larger share of rewards. To increase their Rocket values, users can improve their asset balances by making deposits and purchasing quality assets like BTC, ETH, HT, etc. Moreover, using "Rockets" to vote will not cause users' asset balance to be locked.

"Rockets" are users' tickets to participate in the PrimeVote events and also allow participants to mint limited edition NFTs in Huobi's Mars Program that offers $6 million worth of space travel.

Based on Huobi's official announcement, a total of 12 projects were shortlisted in the 7th round of the PrimeVote event. As of August 9, 202313:00 (UTC), EML and XDAO emerged as top performers in Group A while XFI and AD took the lead in Group B. These projects have advanced to the final voting stage. Following two rounds of preliminary and final voting, MinePlex (XFI) has stood out as the favored pick among the community by winning the championship of this event with a notable 208,172,999 "Rockets". MinePlex (XFI) represents an innovative CrossFi initiative by integrating the stability and liquidity of traditional financial instruments with the security and transparency embedded in blockchain technology. The team is crafting a distinct blockchain v1.0 featuring the LPoS consensus algorithm to realize this vision. The MinePlex 2.0 blockchain adopts the DPoS consensus protocol.

Huobi prioritizes users and persistent crypto listings with community votes

Huobi remains committed to upholding the principle of impartial listing and respects all users' choices. It aims to establish a digital asset trading platform that is compliant, secure, and transparent. It returns the listing right to community users by allowing them to decide which tokens can be traded on Huobi. Launching PrimeVote not only identifies the most popular tokens and ensures listing quality but also maximizes the transparency and fairness of the listing process.

To date, Huobi has successfully conducted seven rounds of the PrimeVote event by establishing a unique method for token listing. Looking ahead, Huobi will further refine event rules and introduce innovative features.

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