Istanbul Blockchain Week, the largest industry-leading web3 event in the Eurasia region, is back for its second edition this August, with its main event 'IstanBlock' set to occur August 22-23.

IstanBlock 2022, organized by web3 PR and Creative Communications agency EAK Digital,  was the most high-profile event ever seen in the Turkish market. The event brought together key figures in the Turkish government, banking, and finance sectors, such as Turkish government speaker Ziya Altunyaldiz, top tier Turkish banks, Iş bank, Garanti BBVA, and AK Bank, alongside high profile international speakers such as legendary cryptographer, David Chaum, and Sandbox Co-Founder Sebastian Borget.

This year, IstanBlock is set to host innovative fireside chats, keynote speeches, debates, and panel discussions exploring the most critical topics in web3, including - regulation, banking, and defi, alongside hot issues such as DAOs, AI, Metaverse, Trading and NFTs amongst others.

After 3000+ attendees to Istanbul Blockchain Week in 2022, the event is set to smash its target of attendees in line with the positive sentiment in the market in Q1 of 2023.

A key highlight of Istanbul Blockchain Week has been the variety of its events, and, after the massive success of last year, W3E, the world's first-of-its-kind web3 esports championship, and expo will take place inside the main event, IstanBlock, at the Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

W3E is the largest web3 gaming expo in the region. It allows both game studios and gamers to showcase their games in front of a receptive audience while watching professional gamers compete for a grand prize.

IstanDAO, a global gathering of DAO initiators and contributors at IstanBlock, will return for its second year. The event will once again bring together influential DAOs worldwide alongside DAO contributors for industry-leading brainstorms, talks, and deep conversations. IstanDAO will allow participants to collaborate, share and solve critical issues facing DAOs to offer an industry-wide framework for DAOs to implement after the event.

IstanHack, the official hackathon of Istanbul Blockchain Week, will also occur during the main event IstanBlock. IstanHack is set to prominence this year after the influx of web3 devs into Turkey and the vast interest in layer-one protocols in the Turkish development ecosystem. Turkey is quickly garnering a reputation for enthusiastic web developers from its large number of committed university blockchain clubs alongside existing web developers from Russia and Ukraine.

Istanbul Blockchain Week will host an incredible diversity of interests and cultures within the Web3 space. Experts from DeFi masterminds and blockchain technology professionals to government officials, seasoned crypto traders, and miners will take the stage to share their point-of-view and network with a diverse group of crypto natives and those interested in building the Turkish crypto space. In a gathering where Europe and Asia meet, Istanbul Blockchain Week aligns with the eclectic vision of blockchain's future, where Web3 is headed, and how to build a better digital space to benefit users worldwide.

After a successful first edition in November last year, with 3000+ attendees, organizers EAK Digital have decided to move the event to the summer months, allowing visitors to Istanbul to enjoy the experience of Istanbul during its most popular season, summer.

Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week, said “We are delighted to bring back Istanbul Blockchain Week this August. Last year, IBW set a high benchmark for us, but with the Turkish blockchain industry rapidly evolving, attendees can expect to see the event continue to scale and grow alongside. We will continue to innovate and bring the best international speakers into Turkey and shine a spotlight on the Turkish ecosystem to a global audience. There is no better way to enter the Turkish web3 ecosystem than attending Istanbul Blockchain Week”

For a limited period, tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate via the Istanbul Blockchain Week website; sponsors can register their interest in the event here. Book now before the price increases!