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Location-based NFT platform, Lost Worlds, has announced LOST.NYC is an immersive experience in New York from April 11-14. The unique event will be held during NFT.NYC is the preeminent conference for the NFT community.

LOST.NYC has been conceived as an experience that allows NFTs to transcend their digital boundaries and take root within the city that never sleeps. NFTs have traditionally been constrained as a desktop experience, with little scope for exploring their utility within the real world. Lost Worlds attempts to bring a Pokemon-Go-like experience to NFTs with location-based nft minting.

Geofencing NFTs to physical locations unlock new and exciting ways to interact with digital assets. Outside of the experience, holders of these assets can access token-gated merch, real-world events, exclusive NFT drops, and more. To showcase the new utility afforded by this technology, Lost Worlds has partnered with some of the biggest names in the space for NFT.NYC.

Web3 lifestyle app STEPN utilizes Lost World's geoNFTs to provide memorable IRL to URL experiences. STEPN will drop their scavenger hunt-like geoNFTs at locations like Central Park during NFT.NYC. Minters can claim a badge and become eligible for exclusive STEPN mints on the MOOAR NFT platform.

DeLabs, the creators of DeGods and Y00Ts, are leveraging the Lost Worlds platform as part of their DeNYC multi-day experience, including a landmark tour and treasure hunt with over $100,000 in claimable prizes. The geoNFTs hunt includes five landmarks throughout the city for users to collect. Each location will have 500 mintable geoNFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The locations include:

  • Grand Central
  • Empire State Building
  • Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital
  • Central Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge

Lost Worlds has successfully engaged 23 of the world's most renowned artists to launch their debut geoNFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. These artists have featured their works in prestigious auction houses and platforms like Sotheby's. Derry Ainsworth, Gabe Weis, Cult Class, and rising star Anton Conolly are notable names. As a way to bring NFTs into the real as a form of certification, the person who discovers and mints Anton Conolly's geoNFT in New York and mints, it will also receive a 68" x 50" physical painting bridging, creating a hybrid experience for collectors.

Chikn, a pioneering play-to-earn NFT game on the Avalanche AVAX, introduces in-game assets to location-based NFTs. With "Loot Boks," a clever twist on the term "loot box," Chikn offers mystery box geoNFT mints that contain items transferable and usable within the game and ecosystem. One such minting event will occur at the farm atop the Jacob Javits Center, providing an exciting opportunity for players to acquire valuable in-game assets in the real world.

During NFT.NYC, Lost Worlds will also be hosting other geoNFT scavenger hunts. Participants who succeed in collecting geoNFTs from locations scattered throughout New York City will be rewarded a non-tradable NFT Badge, which unlocks VIP access to side events, as well as exclusive NFT drops.

About Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is the first location-based NFT platform. It allows anyone to mint geoNFTs from physical locations. These NFTs can range from digital collectibles to concert tickets, vouchers for merch, and much more.

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