Palm Beach, FLA –March 23-26, 2023 – YCLUB is excited to announce its attendance at the Palm Beach International Boat Show on March 23-26.

As an innovator in the Web3 superyacht space, YCLUB will showcase the imminent launch of the Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace, the Superyacht Crowdfund, Management and Crew Services, and the YCLUBVerse Maritime Metaverse. Throughout the event, YCLUB will meet with industry professionals to discuss potential integrations with their services and explore new partnerships.

YCLUB is thrilled to participate in the Palm Beach International Boat Show, widely regarded as one of the most prestigious boat shows globally. This annual event has grown to become the third-largest boat show in the United States, attracting thousands of attendees.

World-first Web3 Superyacht Ecosystem

YCLUB is the world's first superyacht industry ecosystem to fully integrate Web 3 technology, data-driven AI insights, and 3D/VR Metaverse experiences throughout its ten vertically integrated business lines. YCLUB's mission is to leverage technology to reimagine the experience of clientele and professionals in the superyacht space and to build a vibrant, diverse community that benefits from the YCLUB economy together.


YCLUB's ecosystem includes ten business lines in a vertically integrated structure that makes each unit more efficient, cost-effective, and smarter. Having these lines live in one ecosystem makes YCLUB a superyacht industry hub.

YCLUB ecosystem business lines.

Increased Efficiencies with YCLUB

Using Web3, innovative systems, and a seamless user interface, YCLUB introduces many efficiencies to reduce friction in the superyacht booking, sales, and management processes. Some of these efficiencies include automated KYC, automated booking and sales with unlimited trip customizations, live support from dedicated YCLUB Managers, and frictionless payments in crypto.

Enriched Experience with YCLUB

In addition to solving efficiency issues, YCLUB is also disrupting the superyacht industry with innovations that elevate and deepen the user experience. One of the innovations YCLUB introduces is a 3D/VR gamified, Metaverse-enriched charter and sales marketplace, where clientele can view the superyachts listed and destinations in a 3D/VR Metaverse environment.

Meet with YCLUB at Palm Beach!

To book your personalized meeting with YCLUB at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, DM them on Twitter or Instagram, or Email them at [email protected]

Eagle Eyes Win a YCLUB NFT!

If you spot a YCLUB representative at the Palm Beach International Boat Show and mention "Lana NFTs," you can win a unique YCLUB NFT, supercharging your experience in the YCLUB ecosystem!

YCLUB Business Lines

For more in-depth information about YCLUB's business lines, check out the decks:,,,

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