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Memecoin Mooky is gearing up for its final presale phase, having raised $900,000 to date. More than just a novel crypto token, Mooky aims to support the environment through a major tree-planting campaign.

Mooky will be a community-driven platform whose governance lies in the hands of its token holders. While the MOOKY token draws cues from other successful memecoins, the project has a more ambitious mandate. Mooky was conceived to increase awareness of global environmental challenges and to provide real-world solutions.

The project aims to raise enough funds to sustain an extensive reforestation initiative in critical locations worldwide. Mooky has earmarked donations to charities working on sustainable environmental causes as part of its commitment to nature.

From a crypto-economic perspective, the MOOKY token features zero tax and low slippage, providing ample incentives for traders to get involved. Underpinning the project is a deep lore that aligns with Mooky's core goals.

Mooky is based on the concept of a mythical land called Pygmy. This fantastical realm has stunning landscapes, abundant vegetation, and wildlife. As settlers came to the island, they destroyed the vegetation and polluted the air. The monkeys of Pygmy decide to fight back peacefully, teaching the settlers how to respect nature and live harmoniously. Under the leadership of Mooky, they become united and restore nature.

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To support the project's development while providing more significant opportunities for community participation, Mooky has created a collection of 1,000 NFTs. Each NFT is linked to a tree planted in the real world. Holders can access the Ventures Club, which grants exclusive rewards and events.

With five days left in the $MOOKY token presale, there is still ample opportunity for crypto holders to get involved and capture the upside of a project that combines memes and nature to significant effect.


MOOKY is a community-driven initiative launched in 2023 that embraces the spirit of digital innovation to impact the environment positively. More than just a meme token, MOOKY represents a global community united by a common goal: to inspire change and contribute to international tree-planting efforts.

MOOKY also stands as a symbol of creativity in the digital space, offering unique 3D NFTs linked to real-world tree-planting initiatives. These NFTs serve as digital collectibles and an entry ticket to the exclusive Mooky Ventures Club, a vibrant community of environmentally conscious enthusiasts.

MOOKY is more than a digital token; it's a movement aiming to better our environment while fostering a unique and engaging digital ecosystem. Join MOOKY in its journey to make a difference and follow the community on various social channels to stay updated.

Users can purchase MOOKY here.

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