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Having surpassed $3 million raised in 3 months, the Memeinator presale is progressing at a blistering pace, with everything on track for the project plans in Q1.

Currently priced at $0.0176 in stage 11 of its presale, only 4% of tokens are left at this price before the stage sells out.

Memeinator (MMTR) seems to have timed its launch perfectly, with the return of favorable market conditions in 2024 providing powerful tailwinds.

This momentum has created significant attention, with coverage from CointelegraphBitcoinist.comCoinJournal, and Bankless Times– as well as endorsements from notable crypto influencers like Scott Crypto Warrior and Alan Rogers.

Adding momentum to this runaway project is the highly-anticipated Meme Warfare game partnership announcement. Full details will be revealed during upcoming AMAs.

Speaking on Memeinator's recent progress, Marco Tonetti, Head of Product, stated that:

“Memeinator’s incredible momentum means that everything is in place for a successful launch. Multiple factors, including the imminent announcement of our game partner and the overwhelming positivity within the meme coin market, are setting the Memeinator project up for success.”

Users interested in Memeinator (MMTR) can purchase it on the official site

Riding the Recent Crypto Surge

As outlined in a recent Coindesk piece, late 2023 was the start of another meme coin bull run, now rippling out into other areas. The resurgence in popularity for coins like BONK has, in turn, boosted the likes of Sola​na, likely influencing The Avalanche Foundation's consideration of meme coins as part of their portfolio.  

The shift is characterized by investors' increasing desire for quality meme coins that positively impact the crypto community. 

This compounds the positive sentiment in the crypto space, mostly fuelled by anticipation of the Bitcoin halving and numerous ETF applications allegedly on the brink of acceptance. 

Riding such waves is a key part of the Memeinator team's strategy to hit a $1 billion market cap. Combined with their viral marketing methods, referral program, and positive sentiment, the team hopes Memeinator continues to grow to become a notable project with a vibrant community.

The project's first staking pool is open, offering an enticing 4527 million MMTR tokens to fuel the pool tokens, and user tokens will be locked for 180 days, at which point they can withdraw. 

As an additional incentive, a portion of the 7.5% of the tokens dedicated to a competition pool has been set aside for the grand prize: a trip to space with Virgin Galactic. Announced at the end of the presale, one lucky MMTR holder will have the opportunity to enter orbit - similar to the likely fate of their tokens.   

The Technology at the Heart of Memeinator

Memeinator is piggybacking on the rise of GameFi, an industry expected to surpass $90 billion in revenue over the following seven years. To achieve this, the team is developing their Meme Warfare game experience, offering exclusive rewards to MMTR token holders. 

Meme Warfare will combine sentiment analysis with shoot-em-up gameplay. Memeinator's AI will scan the Web for sentiment around rival coins as the meme coin market shifts. Coins with zero merit and insufficient buzz will be fed into the game as characters for players to destroy in a symbolic act of shitcoin defiance. 

This incorporation of gaming and AI places Memeinator in a prime position to benefit from the growth of the GameFi industry's looming juggernaut. Combined with the current bull run, there's every indication that the team behind the MMTR token is planning for the long term.

Memeinator is currently in Stage 11 of its ICO, with tokens priced at $0.0176, with only 4% of tokens remaining before Stage 12. With the market behaving the way it is, the team would hope MMTR would follow BONK's steps, which saw token value increases of over 1400% in 2023.

About Memeinator

Memeinator is the antidote to the hundreds of throwaway meme coins lacking legitimate utility. Its deflationary token, engaged community, expertly crafted NFT collection, and AI-powered video game offer real innovation instead of just hype. Its purpose is to eclipse its rival meme coins. On the way, it delivered strong returns to its community by trading its MMTR coin and staking before smashing the $1 billion market cap.

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