London, UK, April 5th, 2023, Chainwire

Metacade, one of the most highly anticipated GameFi projects in 2023, has spectacularly sold out in its final stage presale, raising an impressive $16.4M.

The MCADE token is now set to list on Uniswap on April 6th at 7 PM GMT. The token will list at $0.022, a 10% rise from the final stage presale price and an attractive proposition to those investors who could not purchase during the sold-out presale. Metacade staking also opens on the same day, citing a 40% AAR.

Metacade’s CEO, Russell Bennett, stated, “I was delighted to see the final stage token presale sell out; it only reinforces my faith in the Metacade project. We’re driving ahead now with development and new partnerships, and I look forward to watching the token price as we list on exchanges in April and May.”

One of those partnerships will be with Metastudio, a revolutionary new gaming company focused on delivering exciting, avant-garde, and fresh mobile games to the Metacade arcade.

Carlos Domingues, Manny Fragelus, and Ted David founded Metastudio. The team boasts impressive CVs, having worked on several significant media projects, including Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers 2, and Kung Fu Panda.

Carlos Rodrigues expressed, "as we eagerly prepare to launch our latest game, Rune Realms, in just a few short months and continue to back other Web3 projects in developing their own games, this partnership arrives just in time to amplify our collective impact."

Further details will be disclosed at the AMA at 5 pm BST, on April 5th, between Metacade and Metastudio, hosted by the respective CEOs - Russell Bennett and Carlos Domingues.

There are various ways for MCADE digital currency holders to engage with its ecosystem. The recently launched online platform serves as a virtual gathering spot for gamers and investors, who can receive MCADE rewards for indulging in their favorite activity, i.e., gaming.

Furthermore, Metacade intends to motivate its holders to participate in various promotions to help drive the product's growth and adoption. This strategy will benefit the MCADE token value and provide opportunities for holders as long-term investments and a store of value within the ecosystem.

About Metacade

Metacade aims to transform the gaming industry by creating the most extensive available play-to-earn (P2E) arcade. The project seeks to establish a dynamic ecosystem that brings together gamers, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in one place. Here, they can engage with each other, enjoy a diverse range of gaming activities, and earn rewards for participating. The release of the platform's whitepaper has impressed investors and analysts, demonstrating the project's innovation and potential.

Likened to other projects such as The Sandbox, Polygon, and Axie Infinity, the much-awaited P2E platform, Metacade has obtained validation from CertiK, a leading blockchain auditor. This CertiK validation assures investors that Metacade's code and specifications are verified and that the Metacade team has undergone the KYC process, thus instilling further trust in the project's authenticity.

Learn more about how to buy MCADE and the upcoming exchange listings here.

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