Singapore, Singapore, 22nd February 2023, Chainwire

Web3 infrastructure company, AAG, is thrilled to introduce MetaOne® 2.0. This feature-packed version of the MetaOne® wallet brings convenience and accessibility to the Web3 world. Thanks to a collection of innovative new features, version 2.0 will make it easier for users and enterprises to use and manage digital assets.

Blockchain Support

Following the original blockchain support schedule, AAG is happy to announce that four more blockchains will be supported starting today. These include Saakuru, an AAG-owned layer-2 protocol on the Oasys blockchain, offering high transaction volume, no gas fees, and flexible token design for fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Enterprise features

AAG is proud to announce its enterprise feature launch, including MetaOne® Connect. AAG partners can now fully customize their community onboarding to the Web3 world.

  • MetaOne® Connect (custom onboarding) - Customize the Web3/wallet onboarding experience for users. Read more about the feature here.
  • MetaOne® ZK - Zero-knowledge proof verification of identity and asset ownership without compromising the privacy of the wallet owner

Coming Soon

Can’t get enough? In the coming weeks, we will be releasing the following features to increase the usability of MetaOne® further and to provide an even smoother Web3 experience:

  • Wallet Address Book - Save favorite and frequently used wallet addresses
  • Wallet Connect 2. x Integration - Easily connect MetaOne to dApps using the latest version of Wallet Connect
  • Cross-Chain Asset Swap - Seamlessly swap assets inside of MetaOne
  • Fiat Off-Ramp - Sell crypto for fiat and have funds directly deposited in a bank account

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About AAG

AAG is a web3 infrastructure company focused on providing software that helps simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse for both mainstream users and traditional companies. AAG provides a secure and easy-to-use MetaOne® wallet and infrastructure software, such as a cross-chain search engine and Saakuru blockchain for enterprise companies. With the belief that education is the key to unlocking the potential of web3, AAG is also exploring the concept of Learn-and-Earn with the mission of enabling economic opportunities worldwide via the Metaverse economy. AAG aims to bring 1 billion people into the Metaverse economy by 2030. Learn more about AAG here.

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