Istanbul, Turkey, June 26th, 2023, Chainwire

Metatime, the blockchain project building a complete Web3 ecosystem that promises users full control over their finances, identity, and assets, has announced its native ecosystem token Metatime Coin ($MTC), which will be listed for sale on the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bybit. Alongside the listing, Metatime is pleased to announce that its smart contract infrastructure code has been fully audited by the independent auditing firm Hacken, completing the process with full marks.

The $MTC token, which currently has exactly 415,439 registered users, will go live on Bybit on Monday, June 26 at 10.00 UTC, at which time it will be available for anyone to buy, sell, or trade. Investors who bought early during the presale can now sell their $MTC, while those who missed out on early access can now participate in Metatime's growing Web3 ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Metatime witnessed enormous demand for its token, raising $38 million via two presales of the $MTC token on the world's biggest crypto launchpad platforms, helping to fund its goal of onboarding millions of new users to Web3. All told Metatime sold 100 million $MTC at 5 cents, 100 million $MTC at 6 cents, 100 million $MTC at 7 cents, and then 200 million $MTC at 10 cents.

The $MTC token is currently deployed on BNB Chain but will migrate to Metatime's blockchain with the launch of the MetaChain mainnet on Nov. 11, 2023. For all $MTC investors, relevant information and technical assistance are available through Metatime's support team.

The official listing of $MTC on Bybit follows the completion of a full audit of Metatime's smart contract code by the respected independent auditor and testing firm Hacken. The report by Hacken highlighted the "exceptional performance of Metatime's documentation, code quality, test coverage, and security measures". Metatime achieved a perfect score of 10/10 in the documentation quality category, providing comprehensive functional requirements and detailed technical descriptions. It also achieved an ideal code quality score and demonstrated exceptional test coverage during thorough testing of deployment, essential user interaction, and system features.

Metatime's Web3 ecosystem of products includes a comprehensive blockchain network and cryptocurrency exchange, an NFT marketplace, a crypto launchpad, a blockchain explorer, a wallet, and stablecoin. The MetaChain is powered by the Proof-of-Meta consensus mechanism, which enables all users to participate in network verification and $MTC mining. Metatime's upcoming MetaExchange will set a precedent in the industry by not assessing commissions for all trades that close at a loss. At the same time, its copytrade features will enable novices to emulate expert traders.

About Metatime

Metatime has emerged as a visionary ecosystem that builds the world of the future, designed from the start to benefit everyone. Metatime aims to establish the world's most comprehensive and transparent ecosystem by self-funding its technology development stages. Metatime is actively shaping the future today by developing blockchain-based digital products. Metatime continues to innovate and develop a wide range of products such as MetaChain, MetaWallet, Metatime Coin, MetaExchange, and MetaNFT, placing user needs at the forefront and designing from the ground up. By envisioning a future where blockchain becomes accessible to everyone, Metatime leads the way in spearheading the Web 3.0 transformation.

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