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Sensei Inu, a new memecoin, has launched its presale, and on-chain analysis suggests that SHIB whales could be claiming their share. Whales exiting SHIB may have found a new diamond in the rough whose compelling tokenomics make it one to watch.

Sensei Inu (SINU) aims to challenge SHIB for the top memecoin spot. The project introduces a new and unique consensus mechanism called Proof of Value, where members are rewarded for contributing to the crypto community.

Sensei Inu is an ecosystem where community members are rewarded based on their skills and knowledge via trivia-style games. It marks an important step in rewarding those who have taken the time to learn about crypto but ordinarily lack the funds to acquire a significant portfolio.

Sensei Inu essentially rewards people for taking the time to research the crypto industry. It realizes the value of knowledge, incentivizing the community to spread the word about SINU. The more value a Sensei Inu member can prove they offer, the more they can earn.

Sensei Inu also features games that can be played on PC or mobile. Successful players will receive SINU tokens, allowing them to gain economic power and positively impact the crypto world. The Sensei Inu crypto trivia game comprises ten questions, gradually becoming harder. Each question has a time limit, which adds to the excitement.

The top 10 players from each round will receive rewards in SINU tokens. However, other participants will also receive rewards for their participation. There is also a champions' round with harder questions to determine the true winner.

SINU is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 5 billion SINU tokens with 0% buy tax and 3% tax on sales, which is committed to the treasury. Every month, SINU tokens will be burned via an automated token-burning mechanism, with the burn tokens coming from the treasury. Consequently, the SINU token supply will fall over time. The Sensei Inu presale is live, allowing memecoin fans to get involved at the earliest opportunity.

About Sensei Inu

Sensei INU is a Learn2Earn Memecoin part of the MemeFi sector with a proof of value consensus.

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CMO Shing Tao, Sensei Inu,

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