The newly launched Autonomous Secure Dollar (USSD) is the first-of-its-kind stable coin backed only by crypto and has been launched by USSD's CEO David Lee. USSD (Arbitrum) is already working as an independent, censorship-resistant stablecoin with no ties to real-world assets - with the opportunity to earn a naturally high-interest rate (APY 15%+). 

The stablecoin's collateral structure includes BTC, ETH, and USD as ERC20 tokens (wBTC, wETH, USDT). To enhance the permanent over-collateralization ratio, insurance capital is also involved.

"USSD scores over other popular stable coins, making it particularly attractive to smart and critical-thinking crypto enthusiasts. It is certainly not for those who think that Binance exchange is a blockchain or that USDT is safe, nor for those who, acting as mommy nihilists, reject everything and claim expertise in all," says USSD’s CEO David Lee.

The USSD smart contract is already deployed as of March 12, 2024, and is locked from any changes. Hacken, a famous smart contract auditor, has audited the contract with a high score.

Stablecoins like USDT (Tether) and USDC (USD Coin) are popular and generally considered safe options. Yet, there's a risk: the organizations that issue these coins can block certain addresses. If that happens, those owners might be unable to access their money, which raises worries about too much power and monitoring by the centralized authorities of these stablecoins.

UST by the Terra/Luna project caught attention by offering high-interest rates. However, its value fell sharply to just 2-3 cents. The big issue with UST was the unclear origin of its interest payments. Without a clear and lasting plan for its economy, the reliability of such a system remains doubtful.

There is a solution that allows investors to safeguard their cryptocurrency dollars without the risk of being blacklisted by authorities. Moreover, this solution would enable them to earn interest derived from the natural growth of the crypto market rather than from an opaque or unsustainable source. Such a system would represent a significant advancement in the realm of digital finance, offering both security and transparency to its users.

David Lee has thus developed the USSD stable coin featuring the following:

  • The Smart Contract is immutable and does not contain any functions for blacklisting.
  • It boasts a high level of security, having been audited by Hacken with a perfect score of 9.3.
  • The stablecoin is backed solely by major cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH), excluding altcoins.
  • A non-withdrawable Insurance fund ensures permanent over-collateralization for this stablecoin.
  • USSD holders receive anti-inflation interest, with rewards directly tied to the growth of the crypto collateral, specifically, the increase in value of BTC and ETH within the collateral. This system relies on straightforward mathematics without resorting to unpredictable "black swan" events. No magic interest out of nowhere.

The USSD community is also excited to announce the ICEBreaker program. ICEBreaker is a local currency stablecoin franchise initiative for earning where they are seeking other anonymous founders to champion stablecoins in various markets such as KRW, BRL, etc. The USSD community is committing a marketing fund to test all promotional hypotheses and provide feedback to founders on what truly works. Furthermore, founders will have access to a secret chat to share successful promotional experiences.

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