August 15, 2023 - reNFT, the leading NFT rentals protocol, is delighted to reveal its strategic partnership with blockchain innovators, Blockworks and Tokenproof. This powerful collaboration seeks to set the tone for the future of NFT utility, where possibilities seem boundless. 

Tokenproof, renowned for bridging the gap between digital and tangible experiences via NFT token-gated/ticketing mechanisms has been instrumental in significant drops – from unique Adidas merchandise to groundbreaking events like Permies and ApeFest. Their commitment to expanding the horizons of NFTs aligns seamlessly with reNFT's mission. 

With this alliance, Tokenproof's technology will incorporate reNFT's capabilities. As a result, any NFT initiative utilizing Tokenproof's distinctive platform will seamlessly feature an NFT rental option, whether or not it was part of the original blueprint. This integration signifies a leap in accessibility, offering users an intuitive NFT rental option. 

Concurrently, Blockworks, the behemoth crypto-focused media entity behind Permissionless - the world's premier DeFi event attended by over 7,000 Web3 aficionados - becomes an integral part of this partnership. Attendees, unable to mark their presence at the yearly Permissionless event, will have the option to rent out their exclusive Permies NFTs, giving others a taste of the exhilaration. 

Nick Vale, Founder & CEO at reNFT, expressed, "This venture is more than a strategic alliance; it's about reimagining the NFT landscape. Our essence at reNFT is to mold new paradigms for digital asset users and proprietors. By integrating our robust infrastructure into this partnership, we're ensuring that digital assets are not merely collectibles but bring tangible value to their holders." 

Recently, NFTs have reinvented event accessibility, infusing exclusivity and flexibility, presenting unmatched opportunities for enthusiasts. Blockworks and Permies have emerged as thought leaders of this evolution, shaping the trajectory of NFT application in events and entertainment. 

This collaboration transcends mere integration. It offers a glimpse into an era where enthusiasts can rent a coveted Permies NFT, immerse themselves in an unparalleled event experience, and return the token. By democratizing access, this concept ensures that unique experiences are no longer restricted to a select few. 

The future of event ticketing is being redefined, all thanks to the vision and technology of reNFT. 

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Blockworks is a global financial media brand that delivers breaking news and premium insights about digital assets and Web3 to millions of investors. Blockwork's editorial content, newsletters, and podcasts provide expert analysis to help investors navigate DeFi markets. With Web3 and DeFi events like Permissionless and the Digital Asset Summit, Blockworks creates space for innovators to build the future of the global economy.

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Tokenproof is an easy and secure way to realize the value of NFTs online and in the real world. Founded in 2022, tokenproof lets users enjoy the benefits of NFT ownership in a secure way that respects privacy while also making it easy for brands to leverage tokens as an extension of their brand – whether that's accessing exclusive events, retail experiences, online services, membership benefits, or more. Learn more about tokenproof at‍

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reNFT is the first & unique NFT rental protocol for Web3 projects. A multichain protocol and platform that can be white-labeled and integrated into any project to enable collateral-free in-house renting, lending, and scholarship automation.

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