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Shiba Memu, a buzzing new AI-backed crypto meme coin, is creating more stir as it surges past the $1.5 million fundraising milestone and makes its exchange announcement debut with a BitMart listing – all within just one month of its presale starting.

Getting listed on an established exchange like Bitmart, a significant player since 2017 that showcases an impressive roster of over 1500 cryptocurrency pairs, underscores a smart strategic play for the project.

The main idea behind Shiba Memu's AI was born out of the team's experiences with excessive marketing agency fees in previous business endeavors. This motivated them to take the initiative to develop a self-promoting AI that can scale into various practical applications.

The tangible concept, combined with the appealing Shiba Memu mascot, has fueled a wave of interest from investors and crypto enthusiasts who recognize the project's long-term potential.

Shiba Memu is priced at $0.0181, with a scheduled price increase every 24 hours, courtesy of the team's expertly programmed smart contract. This enticing mechanism is especially appealing to presale fans, as it guarantees the token purchase price will always be lower than the eventual exchange listing price. For example, if you bought today at $0.0181, the increase by the end of the presale on day 60 would be 35%.

SHMU tokens are available to purchase on the official Shiba Memu website here.

Shiba Memu's notable success can be attributed to the untapped potential of its AI. Still, in its early stages, the AI employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis to scan the web, primarily focusing on social platforms, for Shiba Memu mentions and tailors its promotions accordingly.

This has transformed the brand image from a simple cute dog meme to a funny, engaging dog meme with a sharp sense of humor! The glimpse into the project's future, and the forthcoming AI dashboards scheduled for Q4, are whetting investor appetite for meme coins with tangible utility.

The project boasts a healthy outlook in its tokenomics, with 85% of tokens being dedicated to its presale, 10% to exchange listing liquidity, and 5% to development - putting real power in the hands of SHMU owners in the future development of the dApp.

Crypto Community Backing Is Driving Shiba Memu Engagement Through the Roof

With more and more hard-hitting YouTubers getting involved with the project, it's no wonder that global enthusiasm for the project is growing by the day.

Prominent Youtuber NFTsGuide, with over 700K followers recently described the project as a 'AI Marketing Powerhouse', again showing how the developers' premise of building self-marketing tech is relatable to investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Some have even speculated that Shiba Memu is in the running to dominate other memes, with Crypto Moonlight's channel suggesting this could be an exciting opportunity for those who missed out on PEPE and others like Austin Hilton making some bold price predictions and calculations about how much SHMU investors would need to hold to hit significant ROI.

The rapidity with which word has spread and the interest it's gauged from seasoned hands like those above shows that the marketing tactics implemented so far are gaining serious traction - it will be fascinating to see how this one plays out.

On day 32 of the presale, scheduled to run for 60 days, the price will have increased 119% from $0.011125 to $0.024400; Shiba Memu is truly racing ahead – time is running out for investors looking to get involved.

About Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is a fresh dog-themed crypto meme coin that supports a platform utilizing AI to promote itself and generate buzz in online communities. This technology is poised to gain traction within the blockchain industry in the coming years, establishing Shiba Memu's position as an industry innovator. The innovative AI technology behind the project demonstrates true innovation in the meme coin sector, offering small and medium-sized businesses access to effective marketing solutions that could significantly cut costs and provide a competitive advantage.

Learn more about this innovative AI-powered dog meme on the official website.

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