Slash Fintech Ltd., led by CEO Shinsuke Sato, released Slash Web3 Payments last August to improve the current state of decentralized crypto payments worldwide by providing seamless settlements and a sophisticated UX for the payments flow.

Slash Web3 Payments allows cryptocurrency holders to pay for everyday purchases directly, with almost any tokens they want, as long as those tokens possess sufficient liquidity on connected DEX exchanges.

Merchants and shops are no longer limited to specific and often a short selection of cryptocurrencies and tokens as payment in their online or offline stores.

The Slash initiative can already support more tokens than most of the crypto payment alternatives currently in the market. Slash Web3 Payments supports more than 1400 tokens from at least six different protocols and constantly expands to increase those options. Another key difference is that Slash does not charge their merchants any installation or transaction fees. Instead, a percentage from the slippage is taken.

For example, to pay for a transaction in USDC, payers are not restricted to paying with existing USDC tokens in their wallets. They can choose from their available tokens, such as MATIC. Slash will compare and select the best on-time rate from decentralized exchanges and do the conversion automatically.

It is required to have a Metamask wallet or any of the Walletconnect-supported alternatives. After clicking the generated payment link or scanning the QR, the payers will see the amount and can choose from their available tokens the currency they want to pay with.

About Slash Fintech, Ltd.

Slash is working actively to increase its customers and partners, primarily in Japan and other regions across the globe in LATAM, USA, Canada, EU, Africa, and Asia.

Among the current targets, Slash is appealing mainly to restaurants, retail & e-commerce (fashion, travel), luxury, and multi-payment providers, across other industries.

The startup raised 1.5 Million USD last year in a seed funding round from MZWeb3Fund and several private investors. It is currently raising a Series A. This will help with Slash's efforts to become one of the global leaders in cryptocurrency payments.

If you want to learn more about Slash, have any questions or comments, or wish to send collaboration requests, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team directly at Discord Slash Web3 Payments.

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