Milano, Italy, March 23rd, 2023, Chainwire

Gamified sports prediction app Pooky has announced the launch of its Play-and-Earn game. The game's full release comes with several enhanced features and a sustainable tokenomic design.

Pooky balances rewarding players for their achievements as a Play-and-Earn game while supporting a robust in-game economy. It lets Pookyball NFTs holders compete to predict the outcome of football matches while earning rewards based on their rank and skill level.

Designed as a highly playable game, first and foremost, Pooky features immersive gaming mechanics. Its Game Designer is Alfred Vesligaj (ex-Splinterlands), while its Lead Product Designer, Damian Volatino, was the former Head of Product & Design at The SandBox.

The full release of Pooky follows a successful four-month beta program. During this phase, 700k predictions were made by a community of 7,000 recurring users making football predictions and competing against one another every week. Interest was heightened by popular football influencers such as Fiago, RazzHD, and Sims2 creating content around the project.

The first drop of 1,000 Genesis Pookyball NFTs, required to access Pooky's upcoming Play-and-Earn mode, sold out before the full game launch. A free-to-play mode will co-exist, allowing players to compete and get promoted to the Play-and-Earn, free of charge. Additionally, Pooky will offer regular mints of Pookyball NFTs on their marketplace.

Pooky NFTs holders will enjoy exclusive access to Pooky's Play-and-Earn, which is set to launch on March 23rd. On top of a busy football fixture schedule to predict, Pooky will also offer minimum reward prize pools of 500 MATIC per matchday shared amongst the top 50% of each leaderboard. The prize pools will increase as more players join.

The full launch of Pooky marks the start of a new era for Play-and-Earn games that combine immersive gameplay with sustainable token rewards.

About Pooky

Pooky was founded in September 2022 by Claudio and Stefano Riff. The brothers are big sports fans with first-hand experience with existing sports betting platforms and their shortcomings. Stefano directly inspired Pooky after being blocked from using online sportsbooks for seemingly winning too much from them.

The pair committed to developing an alternative to the traditional betting model underpinned by blockchain technology. Pooky is a highly skilled team of 15 members with sports, gaming, and web3 technology expertise.

Pooky raised more than €3 million from pre-seed investors, including Claster Investments VC. Advising the startup is a highly experienced group of managers and executives within the sport, gaming, and blockchain industry.

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