Zug, Switzerland - Summon Association, the Zug, Switzerland-based guardians of the Summon Platform ecosystem, have announced their participation in the innovative Kind Hoofs initiative, a pioneering collaboration with UNHCR's National Partner, Switzerland for UNHCR, and GOAT Tribe, an iconic Web3 brand committed to community development and social responsibility.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) works to save lives and protect the rights of millions of forcibly displaced people worldwide through partner organizations like Switzerland for UNHCR. The Kind Hoofs initiative will raise funds for this cause through solicited donations and sales of GOAT Tribe digital collectibles featuring Switzerland for UNHCR logo and uniforms on characters from GOAT Tribe’s prominent NFT collection.

As the guardians of the Summon Platform ecosystem, Summon Association will facilitate an intuitive interface for the highly secure Multi-Signature Wallet technology, which will be used to secure and disburse the cryptocurrency funds raised. The Summon Platform, which has emerged as one of the hottest projects in Web3, provides the most advanced Multi-signature Wallet for the Cardano blockchain with multi-chain features currently undergoing research and development.

"Summon is honored support UNHCR's National Partner, Switzerland for UNHCR and GOAT Tribe in this transformative Web3 initiative," said Dr. Adam Rusch, President at the Summon Association. "Through the Kind Hoofs initiative, Summon aims to make a measurable impact for forcefully displaced populations of refugees around the world by leveraging the power of our best-in-class decentralized governance, treasury and digital asset management technologies."

Utilizing Summon’s Multi-Signature Wallet technology for the initiative ensures that no single individual can execute a spend transaction from the Kind Hoofs treasury unless cryptographic signatures approve it from a sufficient number of trusted individuals. This system allows communities and organizations, such as Switzerland for UNHCR, to exercise greater control over their assets and establish a high degree of wallet security while ensuring ease of access and flexibility. Based on Cardano native scripts, Summon believes its flagship Multi-Signature wallet is among the most secure blockchain wallets today due to its reduced attack vector compared to its smart contract-based competitors.    

"We are proud to have Summon as a collaborator in this critical humanitarian initiative, which leverages the strengths our respective brands, platforms, and Web3 technologies to support the important mission of UNHCR's National Partner Switzerland for UNHCR," said John Rivera, Chief Marketing Officer for GOAT Tribe. "We believe in the power of emerging Web3 technologies to enable accessible and inclusive solutions to empower the millions of forcibly displaced refugees worldwide."

Through the Kind Hoofs initiative, GOAT Tribe will introduce a series of limited edition digital collectibles with characters depicting various roles within UNHCR's fight against forced displacement. The digital collectibles showcasing UNHCR's National Partner, Switzerland for UNHCR's logos and uniforms will be available for sale to the public.

Proceeds generated from the sale of the collectibles will be held in a Summon Platform Multi-Signature Wallet under the control of designated personnel of Switzerland for UNHCR’s Innovation Unit until it is disbursed to provide funding to refugee programs. In addition to raising funds, the Kind Hoofs Initiative also seeks to raise awareness of the plight of the over one hundred million people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution while recognizing the immensity of their strength and courage.

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The Zug, Switzerland-based Summon Association is the guardian of the Summon Platform ecosystem. The Summon Platform is a no-code decentralized governance, community engagement, asset tokenization, and digital asset management platform geared toward communities and organizations which seek to operate in the Web3 environment. With a mission to revolutionize decentralized finance and governance, Summon provides intuitive solutions for organizations to manage decision-making processes and digital asset treasuries securely and transparently. The Summon Platform is currently operating on the Cardano blockchain with plans for multi-chain features and integrations currently undergoing research and development. For more information about Summon Association and to access the Summon Platform, please visit https://summonplatform.io.

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