The Duckies Platform, an NFT and token-based reward community ecosystem, and PolyDoge, a fun and friendly internet currency on Polygon Network that focuses on building community and engaging activities for their members, are eager to announce a new strategic partnership to strengthen the development and adoption of both platforms.

The Duckies Platform is a dedicated ecosystem for driving community engagement. It allows its members to claim free rewards, invite friends, grow stacks, and exchange $DUCKIES for incredible prizes.

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DUCKIES—The Fun and Friendly Web3 Currency
Yellow DUCKIES is an NFT and token-based reward community ecosystem. Claim free rewards, invite friends, and grow your stacks. Exchange $DUCKIES for incredible prizes, exclusive NFTs, popular tokens, and much more!

PolyDoge has become the first out of a long upcoming list of partners to join the Duckies Platform in its development and will help boost the growth and community engagement of the ecosystem.

Duckies & PolyDoge Partnership Essentials

As projects with a great focus on our communities, we are already working on many exciting things for our supporters. They include but are not limited to:

  • Upcoming AMA about the partnership
  • Swapping options
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge & reward the winners
  • Custom bounties
PolyDoge Team Joins Us for an AMA about the Duckies Platform

As for an AMA, the next one is right around the corner! It will take place on Twitter spaces on Tuesday, October 11th, at 4 PM CET. We will dive into more details of the Duckies Platform and share the plan of joint activities with the PolyDoge community.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Polycon 2022

Along with the partnership announcement, Duckies Platform and PolyDoge are thrilled to invite you to join the Duckies and PolyDoge communities at Polycon 2022 — a huge virtual event full of networking, sneak peeks, games, prizes, and more.

Yellow DUCKIES will launch special quests on Polycon 2022 on Dec 15–17th, 2022, so join us to learn more about Web3 and Metaverse!

The conference will take place on Gamerjibe, the next-gen events platform — a full 3D inverse social environment:

  • Expo halls
  • Mini-games
  • Product demos & sponsor showcases
  • Networking
  • Gaming
  • Video, voice & text chat
  • Panels/AMAs with Top Influencers & Projects
  • NFT Airdrops & SWAG booth
  • NFT Giveaways & Auctions
  • Polygon Awards Ceremony

What’s Next for Duckies and PolyDoge?

Duckies and PolyDoge communities can look forward to the upcoming AMA about the partnership, as well as many interesting tasks, quizzes, AMAs, swapping options & valuable rewards. Apart from that, we are working on implementing new unique features for holders of both tokens, including exclusive access to events and NFTs collections on the Duckies Platform.

Stay tuned for more Yellow & Duckies Platform partnership news.

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About Duckies Platform

The Duckies Platform is an NFT and token-based reward community ecosystem. Its currency is $DUCKIES— the fun and friendly Web3 token. You can claim free rewards, invite friends, grow stacks, and exchange $DUCKIES for incredible prizes on the website.

About PolyDoge

PolyDoge is a digital currency with one of the most vibrant communities on the powerful Polygon Network. It offers a wide variety of fun interactions to its holders in the form of NFTs, apps, airdrops, and access to different DeFi platforms ready to use on Polygon.

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