London, United Kingdom, September 4th, 2023, Chainwire

Veloce, the world's largest digital racing media network, has just launched (10 am UTC) its governance and utility token, VEXT, exclusively on ByBit, one of the leading international centralized crypto exchanges.

Users can access the $VEXT token listing on ByBit by following this link.

Veloce is a multi-pillared gaming and sports media group.

This is a defining moment where users can shape the VEXT future. Veloce appreciates the support of all its users; more exciting news is coming soon!

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About Veloce Media Group

Founded in 2018, Veloce is a multi-pillared gaming and sports media group operating across some of the UK's most innovative, fast-growing, and future-focused sectors. 

Headquartered in London, the Veloce brand comprises the industry-leading gaming and racing platform Veloce Esports and race-winning outfit Veloce Racing, currently competing in the renowned Extreme E championship. 

As the world's largest digital racing media network, Veloce has attracted over 35 million subscribers and nearly one billion monthly views, focusing on esports, gaming, purpose-driven motorsport, and Web3. 

Veloce is partnered with several high-profile teams from across the globe, running multiple gaming and esports team operations, including Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, McLaren, and Yas Heat. Well-established JV sub-brands, including Lando Norris' gaming and lifestyle brand Quadrant, make up another key aspect of Veloce's vast global network. 

To learn more about Veloce and VEXT, visit:

Press Contact

Chief Executive Officer
Rupert Svendsen-Cook
Veloce Media Group

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