Tel Aviv, Israel, January 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Cookie3, an attribution and user analytics platform for Web3 marketers, has partnered with the industry's leading crypto PR distribution platform, Chainwire. The partnership will enable Cookie3 clients to access Chainwire's best-in-class PR capabilities and Chainwire's clients to receive better user and attribution analytics for their campaigns.

Cookie3 allows Web3 projects to track the user journey as it moves from off-chain to on-chain and choose the campaigns that drive the best performance. Moreover, it makes it easy to set up a bespoke campaign in 60 seconds and use it to track key goals such as whitelist signup, NFT minting, or purchasing a particular token. As a result, projects can attribute user behaviors, achieve KPIs, and reward desired outcomes.

Because Cookie3 incorporates traditional Web2 interactions, it supports actions such as page visits and social media shares. This allows projects to gain a holistic view of user activity and identify how individuals interact with their protocol. Cookie3's solutions are code-free and fully automated, providing 360º monitoring that incorporates all touchpoints within the user journey.

Hundreds of Web3 companies, from exchanges to games studios and PR agencies, utilize Chainwire's news distribution and PR syndication platform. In integrating Chainwire, Cookie3 will provide its clients with automated PR distribution, connect this to existing marketing campaigns, and track every meaningful marketing metric.

Cookie3's Web3 analytics services allow companies to refine their marketing campaigns by developing better funnels and enhancing user experience. Doing so can boost conversion rates by over 20% while reducing marketing spend. By accurately fusing on- and off-chain events, Cookie3 can save teams hours in monthly analytics, freeing them to focus on their core operations.

About Cookie3

Cookie3 provides a universal solution for measuring Web3 marketing. This empowers Web3 companies to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns and monitor user flow. Every visitor and wallet can be analyzed to provide insights into users' interactions, where, and how.

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About Chainwire

Chainwire is the blockchain industry's preeminent PR and news distribution service. After selecting a package that's suited to their needs and budget, clients can upload their press releases to the platform to broadcast the announcement simultaneously to many leading blockchain websites' homepages. A user-friendly dashboard provides real-time reporting of campaign progress.

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