Dubai, UAE–March 2, 2023 –, With the opening of the International Boat Show in Dubai on March 1-5, 2023, announces the first-ever crowdfunding of a superyacht, which will produce revenue for its holders through charters and events in the real world and in the Metaverse.

In addition to being the world’s first superyacht crowdfund, this event is also the world’s first Superyacht Crowdfund offering through an NFT collection. Each NFT serves as a digital certificate of fractional ownership. YCLUB plans to release this collection for sale in Quarter 2 of 2023. The Superyacht Crowdfund collection will consist of 12,000 3D NFTs.

How to Get On the Whitelist for the NFT Superyacht Crowdfund Sale

To get on the whitelist, the investor must own a YCLUB Lana Superyacht NFT, which entitles the owner to a non-expiring revenue share from YCLUB’s ecosystem profits. Lana NFT owners will be allowed to mint first and will benefit from discounts based on the tier of the Lana NFT they hold:

●  Rare Tier: 10% discount

●  Super Rare Tier: 15% discount

●  Epic Tier: 18% discount

●  Legendary Tier: 20% discount

For every Lana NFT the investors hold, they can purchase a Crowdfunded Superyacht NFT and receive the discount attached to Lana NFT’s tier.

For example, if the investor holds a Legendary Lana NFT, they will receive a 20% discount on one Superyacht Crowdfund NFT they purchase.

Crowdfunding NFT owners will also be invited for special events on the crowdfunded superyacht during the docking season.

Currently, YCLUB is only accepting accredited investors into the program. Stay tuned for more information or email:


YCLUB is the world’s first Web 3, Metaverse-enriched complete ecosystem for the superyacht industry. YCLUB’s mission is to reimagine the experience of clientele and professionals in the space. YCLUB is a complete ecosystem for the superyacht industry with ten business lines, of which the YCLUB Superyacht Crowdfund is one.

YCLUB's superyacht industry Web3 ecosystem.

Using Web3, Blockchain, and Metaverse technologies, YCLUB introduces many efficiencies to reduce friction in the superyacht booking, sales, and management process. In addition to solving efficiency issues, YCLUB is also disrupting the superyacht industry with innovations that elevate and deepen the user experience. YCLUB introduces a few innovations: a Metaverse-enriched, crypto-based charter and sales marketplace, a metaverse-based trip visualizer, live events in the YCLUBVerse, and a social club.

YCLUB will exhibit at CryptoExpo in Dubai on March 8-9, 2023, in Booth #64, where YCLUB will present their Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace and introduce their metaverse, YCLUBVerse, the first ever superyacht maritime Metaverse.

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