Dubai, UAE – February 2, 2023YCLUB, a Web3 crypto-based ecosystem for the superyacht industry, is launching the first component of its superyacht platform, the world’s first Web3 crypto-based 3D Metaverse-powered Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace.

Yclub is supported by dedicated, live trip managers to provide a vastly improved and transformed superyacht listing, booking, buying, and managing experience. The four founders have worked as a team for decades and combined sixty-plus years of experience launching many successful Web2 e-commerce platforms for the Fortune 100. The core team includes a superyacht and megayacht veteran, a team of experienced Web2 and Web3 developers, and the world’s biggest superyacht influencer, The Yacht Mogul.

Due to inefficient manual processes, the superyacht industry’s current booking, sales, management, marketing, and crew operations are primed for disruption. YCLUB resolves these inefficiencies in booking, payments, and KYC. Currently, the superyacht booking process is complicated and tedious because it is not automated and lacks a live trip manager. The KYC process is not centralized, and payment rails are slow and costly.

YCLUB’s Web3 ecosystem, with frictionless payments in crypto, a centralized, automated KYC process that never needs to be repeated, and a live YCLUB Manager™ to support every step of the booking and sales processes, are some of the innovations YCLUB introduces that will elevate the booking and sales experience for clientele and professionals in the superyacht space.

Another of YCLUB’s disruptions is the Superyacht Trip Builder™ technology, which enriches and gamifies the search and booking process with 3D models of the superyachts, Metaverse-based trip visualizations, nearly unlimited trip customizations, and live dedicated YCLUB Manager™. With Superyacht Trip Builder™, YCLUB provides a fun, rich, hassle-free charter booking experience.

YCLUB’s Co-founder, Denis Suka, aka “The Yacht Mogul,” emphasizes that “YCLUB’s mission is to build the most robust Web3-based superyacht community in the world.” The YCLUB Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace is a foundational first launch of the full ecosystem that YCLUB is building.

YCLUB will be exhibiting at CryptoExpo in Dubai on March 8-9, 2023. They will present their Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace and introduce an additional element of their ecosystem YCLUBVerse, the first-ever superyacht maritime Metaverse.

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