A groundbreaking collaboration is underway as Yellow Network, Web3 developer of Yellow Duckies, and NFT marketplace HoDooi join hands to reshape the landscape of NFTs, gaming, and financial technology. This partnership brings together the expertise of both platforms to create a new chapter in decentralized engagement and cutting-edge innovation.

Yellow Duckies is a fun and educational experience for Web3 enthusiasts, providing an opportunity for tangible benefits by owning and trading unique mythic Duckies NFTs.

Yellow Duckies takes center stage in this alliance—an avant-garde platform that seamlessly merges the captivating realm of NFTs with gameplay and next-generation financial technology. This interactive journey offers users an engaging experience. It serves as an educational avenue, all while presenting real-world opportunities for gains through the ownership and trading of exceptional mythic Duckies NFTs, Ducklings.

Strategic Partnership to NFT Engagement, Merging Ownership and Accessibility

  • NFT Accessibility Boost: The collaboration allows NFT collectors to use $DUCKIES to acquire Ducklings collectibles, bridging platforms and enhancing accessibility.
  • Hodooi Marketplace Integration: The Ducklings collection joins the Hodooi marketplace, providing a dynamic space for NFT enthusiasts to explore, trade, and engage.
  • Expanded Trade Options: Ducklings NFTs can be traded using $DUCKIES, supplementing the existing trading options, which include Matic, Chainlink, and USDT.
  • Collaborative Community Activities: Yellow Network and HoDooi synergize efforts to engage the community, inviting more participants to experience the vibrant worlds of Ducklings and Hodooi.
“We are excited to take the first step towards allowing our community to use $DUCKIES not just as an in-game currency but also as a way to trade Ducklings cards to become a Mythic holder,” says Anastasiia Bobeshko, Yellow Duckies’ Marketing Lead. “What are Mythics? Well, you’ll have to play a game to find out.”
Strategic Partnership to NFT Engagement, Merging Ownership and Accessibility

Harnessing the Potential of Yellow Duckies to Advance NFTs and FinTech

  • Distinctive NFT Minting and Melding Game

Yellow Duckies introduces an unparalleled experience in creating rare NFTs with high trading potential on prominent NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and OKX. The vibrant community actively engages in many community challenges, rewarding early adopters for their participation.

  • Cutting-Edge DeFi Testing Ground

$DUCKIES, the utility token for Duckies Canary Network, becomes the linchpin for Yellow Network's innovative technology and revolutionary ideas. Beyond granting network access, DUCKIES facilitates fee payments, solidifying its role as a utility token of significance.

  • Efficient Asset Swap Across Exchanges

Duckies address the challenge of decentralized trading by enabling asset swaps across exchanges without the dependency on block creation. This is achieved through the establishment of a network of brokerages, thereby fostering a more efficient trading infrastructure.

About Yellow Duckies

Yellow Duckies revolves around minting distinctive digital Ducklings NFTs and melding them together to unveil rarer cards. These rare cards, belonging to the Mythics collection, unlock additional benefits within the Yellow ecosystem. The Duckies card collection consists of three categories: Ducklings (basic duckies), Mythics (the pinnacle of rarity), and Zombeaks (zombie ducks borne from melding mishaps).

In essence, Yellow Duckies is a captivating NFT minting and melding game, serving as a hub for next-gen technologies and pioneering innovations.

For more information about Yellow Duckies, visit yellow.org/duckies. Join the Ducklings NFT game at yellow.org/duckies/me.

About Yellow Network

Yellow Network is a pioneering Layer-3 peer-to-peer network, utilizing state channels technology to revolutionize liquidity exchange, trading, and settlement. By addressing liquidity fragmentation, Yellow Network introduces a network of brokerages, establishing an efficient and decentralized trading infrastructure.

For more information about Yellow Network, visit www.yellow.org.

About HoDooi

HoDooi is a top multi-chain marketplace devoted to NFT creators and collectors. With its commitment to user-friendliness and transparency, HoDooi transforms the NFT landscape by providing a secure and transparent platform for NFT trading.

For more information about HoDooi, visit www.hodooi.com.

Press Contact

Anastasia Bobeshko
Head of Marketing
Yellow Network

[email protected]