Coinsilium has the intention to take advantage of the rapidly transforming Yellow Web3 financial ecosystem.

Yellow, a blockchain product and infrastructure company, and Coinsilium, a focused blockchain and open finance venture operator based in Gibraltar, a pre-eminent global regulatory jurisdiction and a leading hub for innovative financial technology, are excited to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership in order to enhance the development of the Yellow Network project.

Yellow Network is a decentralized Layer-3 peer-to-peer broker clearing network, powered by state channels technology. It is used for communicating and trading between brokers, aggregating liquidity of connected nodes, and facilitating ultra-high-performance transactions between brokers on top of a blockchain.

Yellow Network is designed to become the game-changer for the crypto industry, and having the support of Coinsilium will allow us to significantly advance our research and development in the Web3 Internet of Finance. The partnership will further influence the blockchain community by connecting exchanges and market makers through a clearing house layer. We seek to address the complex challenges of cross-chain transactions and help simplify users' trading needs through a next-gen financial platform, - comments Louis Bellet, CEO of Yellow.

In 2015, Coinsilium became the first blockchain company to IPO. The company has evolved to develop revenue-generating strategic advisory services and is a highly regarded innovator with proven technological and commercial expertise and development capabilities in the NFT arena and also within open finance.

Yellow Network is a highly ambitious venture headed up by a competent and impressive team of professional trading software and blockchain industry veterans which aims to transform the current cryptocurrency exchange trading landscape through the creation of a peer-to-peer clearing house, deploying a Financial Information Exchange and global distributed liquidity network for cryptocurrency exchanges and institutions. At Coinsilium, we are very excited to support this early funding round of the Yellow Network, and we look forward to the further developments of this exciting project, - says Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium.

For Coinsilium, this collaboration entails a significant expansion of their Web3 infrastructure by having another innovative project on board and the opportunity to encourage R&D in the Web3 Internet of Finance. In the case of Yellow, it provides a chance to obtain access to the most cutting-edge tech experts and a strong network.

Stay tuned for more Yellow partnership news and a global announcement at the end of the seed and strategic funding of the Yellow Network project, featuring all strategic partners involved and the total strategic investment amount.

About Yellow

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions. Yellow also includes developer tools, services, and education programs worldwide for blockchain infrastructure developers and crypto brokerage businesses.

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About Coinsilium

Coinsilium is a focused Blockchain and Open Finance venture operator based in Gibraltar, a pre-eminent global regulatory jurisdiction and a leading hub for innovative financial technology.

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